Home from the wedding and the Shower

All I can say is that I am tired. It was a crazy busy weekend, yet we knew it would go way too fast. James and I actually talked about how crazy it was as we were in middle of it, yet we knew that we wanted to enjoy it as much as possible, and that it would all end too quickly without us being able to do it all, which is how most things go. For instances some of the little ones were in the pool with Adie while we were at the reception, which made them happy, and made it easier for us to visit.

So here is how it went: I left home on Thursday about 1 p.m. then stopped in Linton to pick up James. He had scheduled a track sign up meeting in Hazelton for a little after 2 p.m., which was a little clever because it got us farther up the road a bit more quickly. When we hit town, we stopped off at the Civic Center to see the end of the UJ men’s basketball game. It was their final game there as next year they will be in the new complex on campus.

Afterwards we went to check in which was interesting because we had so much stuff to drag up the steps, and then I really needed to have some time alone to get things ready for the rehearsal. James ended up going to Jessica’s for a quick visit and some pizza. We met at the chapel later and went through how things should go. After that we went out to grab a few more needed items and went back to the room so I could get the rest of the vow on paper and the message finished. Thankfully I had the ending written and the beginning in my book in long hand. We did our shower shopping on Friday morning, and so glad we did.

My rose

My rose

The wedding was likely the most interesting that many have attended. Tony wound up with a nosebleed at the end of the message and Kenlee’s necklace would not open. There were no attendants other than Tony’s daughters and before Jess and Tony exchanged rings they gave the girls necklaces. At the point of the pledges when they said the “I do’s” we had a part for the girls to say “I will” and Jess and Tony did the same to pledge to join together as a family. It was sort of interesting. I found that in our Book of Worship. Also Jaxon as ringbearer threw way more flowers than Ana as flower girl.

The only part that had me in a panic was when the mic did not work at the beginning. It was working fine earlier, and in fact a few people were messing around with it as we were setting up, so I was afraid someone had wrecked it. The issue was that when Lindsey stopped the music, she did it by fading the volume. Thankfully on about my third “welcome” she caught on and we were good to go. I have no pictures yet, so I will share the rose that I got as the mother of the bride. There were some really special moments, and I will always cherish the little time that Tony and I had together before the ceremony started. My mother always said you don’t need sons if you have daughters, sons will eventually appear. She was right.

working on the shower

working on the shower

The reception afterwards was just right and we spent time visiting and telling stories and laughing. It was good. I was so tired and when I finally went back to the room I found Victoria and Paulina working on the center pieces and decorations for the baby shower the next day. They had decided on a Dr. Seuss theme and Victoria went all out. I at one point told her to quit and go to bed. She and Nate and Jaxon and David were heading to Bismarck by 6 a.m. to go to a little kids wrestling tourney and I wanted to sleep. More on that shower later.

Saturday we were at the shower from 10 a.m. until later in the afternoon. We stayed overnight and hung out around the pool then on Sunday we went to Jessica’s for a bit and up to the campus for a bit then some shopping and headed for home. We walked in the house about 4:30 p.m. and spent the evening unpacking and putting away. I did a couple of loads of laundry, which was great because I got a call to sub today and that is why I am writing now. Hopefully I will have time to do more tomorrow, but at some point I need to finish the message for Ash Wednesday, so not sure when I will catch up here. Have a Happy Fat Tuesday tomorrow.

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