She did it!!

Happy Birthday Paulina, one day early! Tomorrow our baby is 22 years old. Some days I wonder how I got past being a teenager to all of a sudden I am a grandmother of 3, with more grandchildren coming at every flip of the calendar. Next week on Friday when Jessica and Tony make it official, we will add his two girls and we will have 5 grandchildren. In April or May as the case may be when the twins are born, we will have 7 grandchildren. It should not get to add up that fast. I was always good at math and love statistics, but this is starting to make us look  like we are getting old so fast, and it is crazy.

Dad, Paulina, Mom

Dad, Paulina, Mom

Now as for how to stay young: today James and I agreed that we will keep up this running around and seeing what our children and family members are involved in as long as we are able to get into and out of the car. And since I have begun to master the “write my sermon in the passenger seat while traveling down the road,” we might get to go more often. Although I look forward to having the next two Sundays off, I still have a message to deliver at the wedding on Friday night, and next week before we can leave town on Thursday, we have an Ash Wednesday service to get through. Oh well!!

throwing area

throwing area

So for the big news: today we were in Brookings, South Dakota at their hugmungous or should I say ginormous track and field complex with an indoor football field in the middle. We were there for the North Star Conference Indoor Championships. It was fun, but we again missed the ending where the University of Jamestown girls’ team picked up the team trophy for the third consecutive year. Paulina looked at it earlier in the meet, and her comment was something like, See our trophy, it is much bigger than last year’s, nice. Ha! I think what she really meant is that she felt more like a part of it this year since she placed a little higher than last year. If you look at the picture above and notice the checkerboard sort of area you can see where they threw. Paulina’s toss just about hit the white goal line to the right of the checkerboard.

Paulina on the top of the stand.

Paulina on the top of the stand.

Last year she was 6th in the weight throw and made finals of the shot put but ended in 9th (only 6 place and only 3 medal). This year she was 8th in shot put and won the weight throw. We looked at the marks, and although she and her coach said it was her last throw, that was her best, we looked at the marks and saw that her first throw was better than every throw there, except her own last throw. She did as her dad tries to promote, go out and set the tone with the first effort and make them come catch you. It was not a PR, but seriously it was the second best throw she has done. She hit a 15.64 to take first place.

The only reason it was not a PR is because last week in a super big meet when she threw on day one, not even in with the big colleges and universities, she hit a 15.51 (breaking the school record) and then a 16.08 which re-broke the school record and qualified her for the National meet in Johnson City, TN. In the end she was 16th of 77 participants so she should count that as pretty good. And we had to hear about it on the phone because she threw on a Friday, and we were not able to go. I guess that is why we say, we go when we can as long as we can. One mother who came from Devil’s Lake, ND today told her daughter it was worth the trip because in two years, she won’t have anyone to watch anymore. Yup know that feeling. Well, just stopped here today to give Paulina a shout out for her 22nd birthday, and I guess her best gift was the one she gave herself, the medal she earned and the 15 minutes she spent holding the team trophy knowing she was part of the group that earned it. When we were involved with track and field in Mobridge, we had t-shirts that said, “The view from the top is worth the effort.” I asked Paulina today if it is true. She just smiled.

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  1. christinelaennec
    Feb 19, 2017 @ 14:50:47

    Wonderful to catch up with you and your expanding family! Such riches. Glad all the hard work is worth it for everyone. You should get a medal yourself – find yourself a podium!



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