Ana Invasion, such fun!!

Today we met Nate and Vic in Bismarck. Victoria needed to have her wisdom teeth removed and she went to the jaw and face or whatever you call it place there to have it done. Attached to that surgical dentist place is the dentist that James goes to when he needs a deep teeth cleaning to keep his gums in check. I know, I know it is TMI for me too, but those are the facts. So, because Victoria called for help with the children far enough in advance, James scheduled his cleaning that he missed last October for this day too, and he was able to get away from school on a “sick” day, and we were there.

First off, I am not sure why Vic thought we were needed to help Nate, he was more than capable on his own. In fact, he was much nicer to the snippy receptionist than I was, that is for sure. So here are the facts, as I say then be they real or alternative, you decide. Vic checks in, and I am standing beside her to hand off her birthday card so it does not get lost in the shuffle. She is asked for her Drivers license and as she goes to pull it out, I reach for David. You would have thought I was pinching the tyke. He does NOT let me say again with capital letters, does NOT like strangers, and I am in that department now. I quickly handed him over to Nate and stayed with Vic. The lady asked who would be the one to contact and then if he was staying in the waiting room. She said yes. In the meantime, the place was filling up, like majorly. The lobby is split in half by this cozy fireplace and a tv above it on each side. There are about 10 chairs in the back area and six or seven in the front. He went to the back area. Some people back there moved closer to make more room. James was in his appointment at the time. As soon as Vic was called back, Nate told me he was going to McDonalds with the kids to eat and would be right back. Vamoose, out the door. Actually, he took David out then came back for Ana. I went to wait for James. Pretty soon there was a phone call from Nate, he was coming back ASAP. Apparently he had gotten a call from the receptionist saying that he needed to be there, and asking who was going to pay because they could not do the surgery without the money.

Well EXCUSE me all to pieces for trying to get out of your stinking little place with two hungry kids. I probably would not have been as nice as Nate was. Ha!! So, my initial intent was to share about how Ana is playing and having fun with us on this first night of her 2017 winter vacation with Grandparents Haak. Hopefully it will be one of many in the future. I am thinking we will be good for the 2, 3 or 4 year old winter vacations and then the school age summer ones.

Ana showing off Piglet.

Ana showing off Piglet.

When we got home, we let her open her Christmas presents. We have not seen that family since Thanksgiving, so we brought their gifts to the dentist place and exchanged to the back of their car, then realized we needed to take Ana’s back with us. We also picked up a bag of items that need some mending. That will be its own post. I understand there is a doll in that bag who was mutilated by a dog. Poor little doll!

Some toys!

Some toys!

After the gift opening and a little snack of a supper, Ana was allowed a trip to the basement with Grandpa where they dug up a few toys that were Paulina’s and she  said Ana should get to play with them including the Kelly doll and her high chair/school desk, the Choo Choo baby in a car seat and the Panda. We also dug out the big stuffed giraffe later, but that was supposed to be more for help getting to sleep. On the other hand maybe she and I should just stay up so we can really ruin her sleep pattern before she goes home again.

Singing/dancing bear

Singing/dancing bear

Duck and bunny puppet

Duck and bunny puppet

Anyway, back to the toys, none of them were worth anything after Grandpa dug up a box of toy dishes. She was so busy pouring coffee there was no distracting her, that is until I took her to the Valentine display in the living room and she found my singing bear. She kept that going for a half hour straight. Next is was the puppets that she found upstairs. I left them out when I dug in the trunk a few nights ago. It has been great entertainment so far. I am guessing Grandma and Grandpa will be the ones able to sleep through the night to night. HA. More tomorrow.

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