Sun dogs!!

The whole scene

The whole scene

Today as I looked out the kitchen window to the east I noticed this rainbow hanging sideways in the sky, and then my brain kicked on and I thought, “Sundogs!” As I grabbed the camera and headed to the east door, I realized it was two and not just one, and I was happy the short lens was already on the camera, so hopefully I could get the whole effect in one shot. Just as I quit shooting and closed the door, I looked at the window in the camera and read the dreaded words, No Card! Once again the smart card was left in the computer and so I had to run upstairs to find it and replace the card then retake the shots, which as always don’t turn out quite as nice, but I get, what I get and here is what I have.

img_8970img_8972I also took shots of each individual sun dog and this is what I have here first the one to the left and then the one to the right. I tried to crop off the propane tank and the clothes line, but was not able to get rid of the garden in all of the photos. I guess this is what the back yard looks like so we will just have to endure. I keep thinking that some day I should pull out the oil paints preferably before they dry up, and try to capture some of this, but with all of nature, it seems that we are never quite able to copy what we see and even the camera never quite gets the color the same. I often wonder if that is an accident. I am beginning to believe there really aren’t any accidents, but that life is mostly directed. Scary thought isn’t it.

Shortly after the photo session, I turned on the radio and began putting together some breakfast. As I was listening to the local station, the early segment of Dairy Queen Trivia hit. They read a question and if you are the first caller with the correct answer you go to their station and pick up a token to go to the local DQ for an ice cream treat. I have done it a few times, but have only picked it up once because I rarely am in that town anymore, but it is fun to try to get the correct answer. Well today I won. I was the second caller and the first person was wrong. The question was: In what southern city is there a museum with the original trolley car from a Street Car Named Desire. The first lady guessed St. Louis. WRONG!! It is New Orleans. Anyone who read the book, or especially taught the book knows that Blanche came to New Orleans to visit her sister on that street car, and drove her brother-in-law crazy, and ended up in a psych ward, and sent the career of Marlon Brando to great heights. So, that was my literature/movie lesson for the day.

I should get off the blog and get to more work. So far today I have answered e-mails, tried to maneuver a website that was a pain, and sloughed a job off on my husband and youngest daughter. I also picked songs and delegated the church secretary to contact the guest musician, then I read the lectionary for Sunday. Next when I should have been working on the order of the vows for my oldest daughter’s wedding coming up at the end of February, I began to ponder what to say to her and her soon to be husband as they are on stage wondering when they can sit down or go to the bathroom or have a smoke break….I am wondering that too, but I began to think about what I really would say to them, and it just started pouring out. Once upon a time, twice actually, I bought myself a recorder to just speak it and then write it when I listen to the play back. Well that didn’t work out so well because I never used them and now they don’t work.

So in order not to forget, I high tailed it to the computer and now I have nearly a page of thoughts in pretty good order for that night. I will work to make sure it gets said without dragging out, and maybe I will print them the long version for reading some day when they are bored or tired of life or each other, or just plain frustrated and want to say, “Why did we do this anyway?” I was there a couple of times, but it never lasted too long, at least not long enough for me to say it out loud. Now that is not to say we don’t have disagreements, we have lots of those and sometimes they are way loud, perhaps that is why we live at the edge of town, but for us getting it all out is better than acting all nice and “honey, sweetie.” That would actually scare us and probably our children too.

Well, so as not to bore any of you any longer than I have, I best get back to it. I still have minutes to type, research to do for Sunday, and hopefully start to put some of that on paper, a bulletin to complete and …. some knitting/crocheting or organizing to complete. I also noticed that I am gravely lacking in the frugal ideas posts that I so sincerely promised to do on a consistent basis this year. Hmmmm I will have to conjure one up for this evening. Take care and hope you were able to accomplish some things today!!

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  1. Missy's Crafty Mess
    Feb 07, 2017 @ 14:16:47

    Beautiful sun dogs. I’m usually driving when I see them so I’ve never tried to photograph them. Thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person


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