Roger’s antics

Looking for attention as always!

Looking for attention

Since I have not posted anything for a bit, I thought I would share a couple of pictures of my cat, Roger, the poser.

She does things like you see to the left if I am not giving her enough attention. Other times she just sits and stares at me. You know that creepy feeling you get when you are deeply into something, that someone or something is looking at you, and I will look up and there she is just staring at me.

Laying on the floor looking to see if we care!

On the floor

Sometime she will lay in a strange position like the one to the left and the thumbnail to the right. I don’t know what is up, apparently she is hoping that we will look at her and give her some attention. It seems she never has enough attention, until she does have enough and then she lets me know with a bit to my hand. I was not pleased with her over that last night, and I barely touched her.

Sitting on the railing and scaring me horribly.

On the railing

Here are some other pictures of her, the one on the railing really gets in my craw. She does that every now and then, and it is her ultimate attention getter. She knows that she is in a spot that is not ok to be, and it could be quite a drop, though cats usually land on their feet, this would be onto steps, so who knows what could happen. It freaks me out and I think she does it on purpose, and then who can reach for her because you never know how she is going to jump. And she just stares at me like, “What are you freaking out about?”

Roger refusing to pose!

Refusing to pose!

This last one is her refusing to pose. I can’t figure her out sometimes. Cats, they are sometimes worse than kids!! At least she likes me enough to lay on my cold ankles when it is really cold outside and the arthritis is acting up. As I write this she is fast asleep on that chair waiting for me to finish so we can go watch tv together then go to bed.

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