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I have not posted anything for the past two days, and then it was not really much. I will post a few different items tonight and then likely take another few days off. James and I are heading to the next indoor meet tomorrow. We had thought about staying home. Initially we were thinking that financially and physically we should just take a break. Then we really thought about it. How many more times will we really get to do this, and even if there are lots more, why should we sit in the house fussing and fretting about what we might not afford later. It is about time we do something now.

I believe that one of my New Year’s thoughts was to “just live.” What I meant was to live in the moment and to enjoy what is going on now at this time. It is why I negotiated the right to be gone from Sunday mornings an extra time or two if I really need it this year. I just find a person to fill and make sure they are paid. I may not need to do it, but the possibility is there. It is also time that we begin to do things that we really like instead of hunkering down at home and, well just sitting at home all the time. Of course if you really think about it, that is sort of a joke. My mother always said we drive the wheels off the car to be with out girls, and I say what is wrong with that, she did it for most of hers.

So, the article below was printed in the local newspaper this week. I even had a couple of people come and comment to me about it today when I was volunteering at the local mobile food pantry. It was a good time today, and it felt good to pick up items for the two that I got things for. I know one of them appreciated it. Haven’t heard from the other yet, but I am sure it will be good. Anyway, check it out below and see why we are headed to another college meet tomorrow.

Paulina was the UJ female athlete of the week in early January

Paulina was the UJ female athlete of the week in early January

Photo from University of Jamestown website. Thanks!!

Photo from University of Jamestown website. Thanks!!

Paulina Haak has had a successful beginning of her second indoor track and field season with the University of Jamestown Jimmies. Haak took first place in the Bag Throw with a toss of 14.15 (46’ 5 ¼”) at the Bemidji Super Open in Bemidji, MN on Jan. 14. Haak was also seventh in the Shot Put with a toss of 34’ 2 ¾”. She was later named Optimist Female Athlete of the Week for the week of Jan. 9-15.

On Jan. 20, at the St. Thomas Showcase in St. Paul, MN, Haak increased her distance in the Bag Throw to 14.84 (48’ 8 ¼”) placing third in the event and moving to second on the all-time list of UJ women in the Bag Throw.

On Jan. 28, at the Cobber Double Duals in Moorehead, MN Paulina was fifth of 32 throwers in the Bag Throw with a toss of 14.69 (48’ 2 1/5”).

Haak with a 3.80 was one of 15 Women’s Track and Field Athletes named to the Dean’s List at the University of Jamestown for the 2016 Fall Semester. Haak is a 2013 graduate of Linton High School and my youngest. HA! I changed that part.

Someday maybe I can watch one of the grandchildren do something along this line, as in David… And then who knows about Thing 1 and Thing 2, or is it Baby A and Baby B, I can never remember what we are calling them.

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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