Home from the wedding and the Shower

All I can say is that I am tired. It was a crazy busy weekend, yet we knew it would go way too fast. James and I actually talked about how crazy it was as we were in middle of it, yet we knew that we wanted to enjoy it as much as possible, and that it would all end too quickly without us being able to do it all, which is how most things go. For instances some of the little ones were in the pool with Adie while we were at the reception, which made them happy, and made it easier for us to visit.

So here is how it went: I left home on Thursday about 1 p.m. then stopped in Linton to pick up James. He had scheduled a track sign up meeting in Hazelton for a little after 2 p.m., which was a little clever because it got us farther up the road a bit more quickly. When we hit town, we stopped off at the Civic Center to see the end of the UJ men’s basketball game. It was their final game there as next year they will be in the new complex on campus.

Afterwards we went to check in which was interesting because we had so much stuff to drag up the steps, and then I really needed to have some time alone to get things ready for the rehearsal. James ended up going to Jessica’s for a quick visit and some pizza. We met at the chapel later and went through how things should go. After that we went out to grab a few more needed items and went back to the room so I could get the rest of the vow on paper and the message finished. Thankfully I had the ending written and the beginning in my book in long hand. We did our shower shopping on Friday morning, and so glad we did.

My rose

My rose

The wedding was likely the most interesting that many have attended. Tony wound up with a nosebleed at the end of the message and Kenlee’s necklace would not open. There were no attendants other than Tony’s daughters and before Jess and Tony exchanged rings they gave the girls necklaces. At the point of the pledges when they said the “I do’s” we had a part for the girls to say “I will” and Jess and Tony did the same to pledge to join together as a family. It was sort of interesting. I found that in our Book of Worship. Also Jaxon as ringbearer threw way more flowers than Ana as flower girl.

The only part that had me in a panic was when the mic did not work at the beginning. It was working fine earlier, and in fact a few people were messing around with it as we were setting up, so I was afraid someone had wrecked it. The issue was that when Lindsey stopped the music, she did it by fading the volume. Thankfully on about my third “welcome” she caught on and we were good to go. I have no pictures yet, so I will share the rose that I got as the mother of the bride. There were some really special moments, and I will always cherish the little time that Tony and I had together before the ceremony started. My mother always said you don’t need sons if you have daughters, sons will eventually appear. She was right.

working on the shower

working on the shower

The reception afterwards was just right and we spent time visiting and telling stories and laughing. It was good. I was so tired and when I finally went back to the room I found Victoria and Paulina working on the center pieces and decorations for the baby shower the next day. They had decided on a Dr. Seuss theme and Victoria went all out. I at one point told her to quit and go to bed. She and Nate and Jaxon and David were heading to Bismarck by 6 a.m. to go to a little kids wrestling tourney and I wanted to sleep. More on that shower later.

Saturday we were at the shower from 10 a.m. until later in the afternoon. We stayed overnight and hung out around the pool then on Sunday we went to Jessica’s for a bit and up to the campus for a bit then some shopping and headed for home. We walked in the house about 4:30 p.m. and spent the evening unpacking and putting away. I did a couple of loads of laundry, which was great because I got a call to sub today and that is why I am writing now. Hopefully I will have time to do more tomorrow, but at some point I need to finish the message for Ash Wednesday, so not sure when I will catch up here. Have a Happy Fat Tuesday tomorrow.

Packing for the wedding/baby shower

I don’t know why, it might be learned behavior from my mother, but traveling always seems more fun in the early stages of planning than on the day of leaving. I can’t remember a specific, but there were so many times when I thought as a child we were going to go some place or do something fun or exciting, and in the end we stayed home. She was even worse as she aged and getting out and about started being hard for her. Today I wish that we had taken better care of her and helped her more, but in our defense, she never wanted to be in a place that didn’t allow smoking. Now I fully understand her attitude about wanting to be at home with your own comforts (though no smoking here) because I have that same attitude.

It is ok to think about travel and trips and say maybe or yes I will, but when it comes right down to packing and leaving, I just want to stay home and have them tell me about it. So my issue today is really more than we will be spending three days in the hotel two weekends in a row. I am starting to realize my angst is for that trip to Baltimore to go to General Synod that is looming on the horizon. I also don’t want to have to think past these next two weeks, I want to focus on them and enjoy them. What was that in my New Year’s Resolution post, something about being in the moment, Just Live, I think is what I titled one post.

But maybe all this running around will turn out for the best so then we will be content to sit and rest for a bit. Ha!! Fat chance of that. As soon as we return from Tenn. the track season starts up and Jaxon will be in the middle of his second wrestling season which could involve some Friday night or Saturdays, and then we have meets and Paulina has outdoors and some time in there I suspect there will be a set of twins dropping in on the family. Maybe the trip in June will be our rest. At the least I feel that James and I have become the poster children for day trips around either the state of North or South Dakota. Our poor van is at 209,000 miles and going. Maybe that is what our next trip should be, to a dealership for another vehicle. Yikes!!

Ana in dress

Ana posing in old dress. Only she would get to stand barefoot on the kitchen table.

I think my biggest worry today is that I will leave something behind, though not a problem because there are two sisters coming later and they could maybe go to my house and dig until they find what I need, if I even have what I need. Thankfully two things will be allowed to stay home and that is really a blessing. I dug out the flower girl dress that Victoria wore when she was young, and though it fit Ana, it is not the best fit on the sleeves. I washed it, hung it outside to dry but because there was no breeze to fluff it out I was going to need to do a little pressing of it, groan! Well yesterday Victoria finally mentioned that she found a new dress on line that was very reasonable and is pretty and so great relief because I was able to take that headache off my to do list. I also found a clear bowl that will work for one of the activities and now I don’t have to clean up the old pretzel container that was in the garage. Through this whole endeavor, I keep finding more and more things that have been deemed clutter in our house, but actually are of use here. Not something that a pack-rat/near hoarder should be learning.

What I am most excited about in this whole wild weekend is that in digging out things to take along or to give away or to use in the endeavor, we ended up doing some cleaning and sorting out. I have that useable cupboard beside my bed which I wrote about a couple of posts back. Then last night as we were digging in the cleaning cupboard looking for some extra table cloths, we ended up sorting and tossing and organizing all the cleaning rags and containers. This was one place we ended up with the most thrown out items of all the de-cluttering we have done. We finally tossed shoe polish from the 1980s and some old vinyl car cleaner along with lots of worn out rags and empty bottles. It was great because with the room we cleaned out, we were able to move some containers from under the sink to a more secure area in this cabinet. I am bothered by this area each time the grand children come, so now that is eliminated.

Well, time to get on the road to Linton. I have a few stops down town, so catch you later maybe with a few wedding picks, or shower or both or maybe just by the pool. At least I am not on duty on Sunday morning. Yikes……  Oh yes, “Yippeee, going to the wedding!!”

What an Awesome day!!

Sunrise Feb. 21, 2017

Sunrise Feb. 21, 2017

Today was an absolutely beautiful day for February 21 in the northern edge of South Dakota. I woke around 5 a.m. as usual let the cat in the bathroom to eat then went back to bed and turned on the local news station. The television had been on the I Love Lucy show and was she at her best today. The tore up a banner to crawl off a balcony that she had been trapped on because she was trying to get a look at some celebrity. Wild antics that is for sure. Anyway, not the point of the post. I fell back asleep and woke to my phone going off, one of the schools needed a substitute. Hmmm. I had already missed the ride so I said no. When I called James to ask where he was, he was close enough to come back, but when I called the lady back, she already had someone. Hurrah! So, that was that and time to get up and get to work.

Sophia relaxing

Sophia relaxing

Roger on the deck

Roger on the deck

I started the day by putting on some sweats and slipping into some shoes and grabbing the camera. Wow was the sunrise pretty. The first pictures I took were without the card in the camera, so run to the computer, get the card and start over. I don’t think I missed much. I never checked the high temperature today, but it was pretty nice. I hung some clothes on the line and let the cats outside off and on. They were so happy to lay in the grass and run around that I had a time getting them back into the house. I even turned off the furnace and opened some of the window. Perhaps the most of what I did today was to eliminate some of those pesky spotted flies that we call Attic flies. What a pain they are. They only come out in the winter when the heat is on. I think it will be mandatory to spray the attic next year like we did two years ago.

Mostly I was happy that I feel much better today. I could barely walk on Sunday afternoon after I tried to lift the laundry basket out of its hamper area. My knee was bad enough from this weekend and my back wasn’t great, but that twisting lift did me in. I got to the chiropractor as quickly as I could on Monday, and it was even better than I had hoped. Somehow she gets me randomly talking and I mentioned that my stomach is bothering me and that I have so much pressure under my ribs. Short version is that after checking a few things she gave me an idea of what it is and suggested probiotics for now. I may after the wedding and the trip to Tennessee go and check it out further, but for now, I have hope that I will be feeling better and that it isn’t some major thing that needs surgery. Yipee!!

img_9011I ended up doing all the laundry including my church robe and I even hung out James’ new suit pants. They have a crease in them from the hanger and the plan was that with the snow melting below them the humidity would ease out some of the creases. Not so much, so I will be doing a bit of ironing on Wednesday before everything gets packed. Thursday we are heading north to Jamestown and about 7 p.m. that night we will have rehearsal then at 6 p.m. on Friday Jessica is getting married to Tony. First off, I can’t believe that I am old enough to be married and have children and now the second one is getting married. How old do they want to make me? OK, so you are as young as you feel? Ha!!

I also, the time between laundry loads, did some reading of background information for the scriptures this weekend, yes I am doing the service, and it is scary, but it will be fun scary and a bit more exciting than having to console a family at a funeral, but scary in the sense that it is an unknown sort of thing, and well, I guess that means doing a little more research and a little more digging so that I know what I am talking about and what I am doing. (The run on sentence was for the scary effect, Ha!) If any one hears me rehearsing they will think I am crazy, but then I won’t feel like a fool when I am reading away and wondering if I am doing it right. Of course we will work out any of those kinks on Thursday night so no big deal. It might be fun to have a more front row view than a person normally gets at a wedding.

I remember our wedding, being a total wreck up until the day, and then I was a fitzer during the pictures, but after walking down the aisle and getting to the front of the church what I remember most is hanging on to James because he was shaking like a leaf. Pretty much I spent most of the ceremony trying to hold him up and keep him calm; it was crazy. Wonder which one of these two will be shaking and which one will be holding?

Oh yes, besides the reading and the laundry, I did a few items of clutter cleaning today. It is starting to feel like we are getting one or two corners available for use around here. There really isn’t a dent in the basement, but there is just a good feeling around the edges. I will post more details later. It is so exciting that I have three  large boxes on the counter that are being filled for the wedding, and for the baby shower the next day. (Of course in our family we never do one thing at a time, but this makes really good sense in terms of traveling time.) I am hoping to leave two boxes behind with most of the items inside. There are one or two things and the third box that I do want back, but I am happy to know that some things are leaving this house never to return. YAYAYA!!

She did it!!

Happy Birthday Paulina, one day early! Tomorrow our baby is 22 years old. Some days I wonder how I got past being a teenager to all of a sudden I am a grandmother of 3, with more grandchildren coming at every flip of the calendar. Next week on Friday when Jessica and Tony make it official, we will add his two girls and we will have 5 grandchildren. In April or May as the case may be when the twins are born, we will have 7 grandchildren. It should not get to add up that fast. I was always good at math and love statistics, but this is starting to make us look  like we are getting old so fast, and it is crazy.

Dad, Paulina, Mom

Dad, Paulina, Mom

Now as for how to stay young: today James and I agreed that we will keep up this running around and seeing what our children and family members are involved in as long as we are able to get into and out of the car. And since I have begun to master the “write my sermon in the passenger seat while traveling down the road,” we might get to go more often. Although I look forward to having the next two Sundays off, I still have a message to deliver at the wedding on Friday night, and next week before we can leave town on Thursday, we have an Ash Wednesday service to get through. Oh well!!

throwing area

throwing area

So for the big news: today we were in Brookings, South Dakota at their hugmungous or should I say ginormous track and field complex with an indoor football field in the middle. We were there for the North Star Conference Indoor Championships. It was fun, but we again missed the ending where the University of Jamestown girls’ team picked up the team trophy for the third consecutive year. Paulina looked at it earlier in the meet, and her comment was something like, See our trophy, it is much bigger than last year’s, nice. Ha! I think what she really meant is that she felt more like a part of it this year since she placed a little higher than last year. If you look at the picture above and notice the checkerboard sort of area you can see where they threw. Paulina’s toss just about hit the white goal line to the right of the checkerboard.

Paulina on the top of the stand.

Paulina on the top of the stand.

Last year she was 6th in the weight throw and made finals of the shot put but ended in 9th (only 6 place and only 3 medal). This year she was 8th in shot put and won the weight throw. We looked at the marks, and although she and her coach said it was her last throw, that was her best, we looked at the marks and saw that her first throw was better than every throw there, except her own last throw. She did as her dad tries to promote, go out and set the tone with the first effort and make them come catch you. It was not a PR, but seriously it was the second best throw she has done. She hit a 15.64 to take first place.

The only reason it was not a PR is because last week in a super big meet when she threw on day one, not even in with the big colleges and universities, she hit a 15.51 (breaking the school record) and then a 16.08 which re-broke the school record and qualified her for the National meet in Johnson City, TN. In the end she was 16th of 77 participants so she should count that as pretty good. And we had to hear about it on the phone because she threw on a Friday, and we were not able to go. I guess that is why we say, we go when we can as long as we can. One mother who came from Devil’s Lake, ND today told her daughter it was worth the trip because in two years, she won’t have anyone to watch anymore. Yup know that feeling. Well, just stopped here today to give Paulina a shout out for her 22nd birthday, and I guess her best gift was the one she gave herself, the medal she earned and the 15 minutes she spent holding the team trophy knowing she was part of the group that earned it. When we were involved with track and field in Mobridge, we had t-shirts that said, “The view from the top is worth the effort.” I asked Paulina today if it is true. She just smiled.

One cupboard clean!

Book shelf of unread books.

Book shelf of unread books.

So, on Tuesday I got a bug to do some cleaning in my room. I just could not stand all the junk standing around anymore. In fact, I had complained about it the night before, and decided it was time to do something and quit talking or even thinking about it. As I looked around the room, I decided that in order to et a few things put away, I needed access to a certain wall, to set some items there, which caused me to end up cleaning out a cupboard which should have been cleaned out long time ago. Well, that was an interesting endeavor. The end result was a new bookshelf where I have stored up several books I would like to read in the near future. Actually the big bonus was the envelop of cash that I found. It was from 2014, and was money that I had set aside for Christmas presents. I remember looking for it then finally believing that I had already spent it. Good grief!!

In terms of the de-cluttering part of the day, I was able to part with a very few items that were deemed garbage, and I now have a large box of cards, photos and papers to sort through in the future. Hopefully the not so far away future either.



The old wire bookshelf that I was using has been dumped to the car shed for now. It may end up outside in the flower garden, but I have not totally decided. Since it is wire, it could be a good place for climbing plants, but it could also be a place for a few small pots growing herbs. Just not sure yet. The wall where it used to set is now filled with old pop corn tins. I know these items drive some of my daughters crazy, but for me they are great holders of things. I have at least 4 of them filled with yarn or yarn items. One is just for the cones of thread that I use to make the dish cloths. Another has my sock loom and yarn to go with it. Two or three are simply filled with yarn and others are filled with various individual projects including one full of socks that are headed for the sewing machine in the near future to be turned into a long sock snake to be put in front of that door that leaks so badly at the bottom. My great hope is to empty them one at a time meaning that another project is complete,/ and they can be reassigned to hold some other part of the clutter hanging out around here. Mostly, I just want to slowly, but surely whittle down the piles in my area.

Finished beanies

Finished beanies

My current work in progress is not one I want to show off at this time, but I will share the caps that I have recently completed. I love making these, and have found that I need to keep making them larger in order to fit adults. These are mostly the size of a teenager or someone a bit younger. Well, off to the next project. I am on a mission to get things into an arrangement that puts items within range of working on them and eliminate the many tubs of junk we have setting around the room. My goal is to be tub free in this room by Easter!!

Empty house!

img_8984The house feels empty because little Ana had to go back home Sunday night. It was not a happy time at our place  when we got the call inviting us, quite strongly might I add, to meet her family in Bismarck so they could have her back. Of course Roger and Sophia did their best to keep things interesting and me entertained. Roger relaxed on the kitchen floor which seems to be one of her favorite things to do to try to gain my attention, other than crawling onto my lap, that is.

img_8987Sophia on the other hand has been busy trying to beat up a “stranger cat” outside on the east steps. She is hilarious because she will stand by the east door growling or making the weirdest noises. One time she even started hitting at the other cat and when it came towards the door, she fell over backwards. Today she sat on the chair and growled until her tail fluffed up like a wire bristle.

Stranger cat

Stranger cat

Fluffy tail

Fluffy tail

Ana time

Last night I shared several of the Ana pictures, but not the full business of what I took. She is currently tucked in bed sleeping away. Now there is a rule in our house about never waking a sleeping baby, which we followed sort of, but my personal rule about never wake a sleeping two-year old is super firm. The only way we do that is if we need to leave the house to be someplace at a specific time. Today, she is in bed until she wakes up.

Shark towel

Shark towel

Last night at 3 a.m. she was “hunry” I am not sure if that is how she said it, but I got the point. After a talk with Vic this morning, I found out that it is usually more thirsty than anything. She was also coughing so a little medicine and she was good. Sophia wanted to come and sleep beside us, but was not real sure if it was safe, so she went to the edge of the bed and watched the television cartoon movie with us and we relaxed back to sleep.



I know, I know, You are not supposed to use tv to fall asleep, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. For me it relaxes all the anxiety and makes that part of my mind work in a different way so it stops focusing on all the things that make me worried. In other words, “it keeps the boogiemen away!”

Feeding Kelly

Feeding Kelly

Before bedtime, which was before 10 p.m. because we were all tired from our trips, she was playing with all those things that we drug out of the basement. [More information on the post of yesterday] I have a couple of pictures of her feeding dolls and such that I have shared here.

Today I hope to drag out the camera again. I was thinking that we could bake up some cookies or something. Paulina is off throwing today, so we won’t be going to see her throw tomorrow. Hopefully it all works out well, and she will be in the car early tomorrow to get here to spend a couple of days with us. Ana will love that because “Pean” is her favorite. In fact she used to call her grandma because she was confused about which name went where.

kitty pillow sewed again!!

kitty pillow sewed again!!

So, I have broken the ultimate grandmother rule. I am washing the blanket. Here is the thing. The blanket is a match for this pillow that is a cat. The pillow is stuffed and has a head and feet, and well, as things go, the one foot came off and the stuffing came out, so guess who is invited to sew it back together. I should have taken a video of her helping to stuff that pillow. We were tearing off pieces of stuffing from a bag I found in the closet. Hurrah, hurrah!

Another partial clutter removal. It is happening small steps at a time, and being used in a good way, not just tossed out. By the way, have you ever checked on the places where you donate? Not all can use everything they receive and for some there are innumerable hours of man power taken to sort and decided what to keep and what to toss, so when you donate, make sure it isn’t something you should have tossed. Ok, so that was my advertisement for this post.

On the Giraffe

On the Giraffe

After we finished the stuffing and I started on the sewing it back together part, Ana decided to play “horsey riding” with Paulina’s giraffe. Fortunately we had prior permission for this, or we would not be sharing this picture. Ha!! So far we have not heard from Paulina. Ana and I have not done much besides the pillow and eating. We are tired from being up last night, and most of our day has been spent in play and when she asked if she could sit on my lap, there was no way I could be too busy just hold her and watch her play. Also her nap was really just a short one while I was holding her on the rocking chair. We both may have zoned out for a short time, but that was ok. Now to get some supper ready for when Grandpa comes home.

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