Happy Birthday Victoria!!



Today is the birthday of our second daughter. Yes, I know having them so close together was sort of a bad idea, but sometimes things just happen that way. Thee picture off to the left was taken at the YMCA and I am not even sure why I agreed to let her wear that dress, but it has always been my favorite picture of her.

Jess and Victoria

Jess and Victoria

A couple of things about Victoria, she was always able to play al by herself, though she never needed to as the second child. She was also always the most stubborn in terms of when she didn’t want to do something, she didn’t and no amount of anything would change her mind. You could not threaten or punish or bribe her into anything that she didn’t already want to do.

Paulina and Victoria at Story Book Land

Paulina and Victoria at Story Book Land

In her teenage years my two favorite stories of her antics are the weekend when I forbid her to leave the house because I knew there was a party, and it was the one time, I didn’t let her go. She was furious, but she actually stayed home. Later she found out that it was raided and so not being there was a really good thing. The other time was when she and some friends were headed west of Mobridge to some place out in the boonies in the middle of the winter. I over heard and asked what the other mothers thought of this plan and how they would react when I called them. They soon realized they have picked the wrong house to use as the escape area. I let them out of the house, but they didn’t go far, and they all survived. The picture to the right is from this summer when we all went to Story Book Land.

I don’t have much else to say today other than I hope your day was great and that there will be lots more birthdays and that we can spend a few more of them together.

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  1. atkokosplace
    Jan 25, 2017 @ 18:56:18

    I loved having my kids close together. They are a year apart. They grew up pretty much like twins. They still are close. Happy bday to your lovely daughter! 🙂



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