Jan. 19: Favorite chair

Chair in the tub.

Chair in the tub.

Last fall, in fact it was late October and November when I got this bug to take my favorite director styled outdoor chair upstairs to sit on my porch roof outside of my bedroom. It was nice in the evenings to just sit and watch the sunset, or the stars. And sometimes I had to tuck it against the house to prevent it from being blown around and one day it tipped over and I just left it. Then another day I heard snow was coming and I forgot about it. Two months later it had been stuck in the snow through several storms and near blizzards, and earlier this week, James decided to shovel all the snow from that porch roof. He had to use a ladder to access the roof because the rain on that stormy Christmas day froze the screen door shut. When he finally got to the chair and had it standing up, I took it inside. (James thought he would just toss it over the railing into a snow bank. I reasoned that it would likely shatter because it was still pretty cold) I took it inside saying that I could easily mop up any snow that dripped from it. I ended up going straight to the bathroom and set it in the tub to drip off. See the picture to the side.

Roger enjoying her chair.

Roger enjoying her chair.

Last night when I got home from the church office, I found Roger in the bathroom curled up posing on her chair. This was THE chair on the lower porch just outside the living room door that I would have to remove her from every morning in order to have breakfast on the porch. She loved the view from that seat. In fact if I dig hard enough I am sure I can find some old pictures of Tigee on that chair too. I am afraid that the treatment I have given it by leaving it in the snow for so long was not a good idea. Usually I am quite careful with my items to give them a little longer life and a few less dollars of me replacing things. I seriously don’t think I will find this particular item exactly again at near the cost, but that is how things go.

The fact is I am not so sure the chair will be leaving the bathroom anytime soon. My husband joked that we could use it as a shower chair as we age. NOT!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lucindalines
    Jan 21, 2017 @ 18:58:29

    Thanks! She is very affectionate too.



  2. iamthesunking
    Jan 19, 2017 @ 12:35:25

    Roger is so pretty!



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