Jan. 11: Sorting clothing

I do not have any pictures of my work yesterday, you will just have to believe me. I really, really want to take my closet apart and start over, but at this point I do not have a place to put everything or the time to do it, so I am starting small and working my way up. Yesterday I went through the hanging items and took out everything that is a summer garment. At this point with anticipated wind chills of -32, I am fairly sure that I have no need for any sleeveless tops or cropped pants. They all were folded neatly and placed into a tub until summer, well except for the one that needs washing. In my next round I will sort out all the items that are old and worn and should not be seen on anyone in public. Those will go in the rag container or the drawer of t-shirts to wear in the garden whichever seems most appropriate.

The other clothing items that I dealt with were my drawers of socks and unmentionables. I now have a box of socks and a few other items to sort into what I am not sure. There were three items that went into the actual trash right from the drawers, so that was a very positive thing. I also set aside one top from my closet to the sewing pile to take a chance on repurposing it. I am hoping for positive result with it as it is a fairly unused top, but I never liked how it fit, and maybe if I try chopping it up and sewing it into something else, it might be of use, and if it doesn’t work, nothing really lost.

Finally the last area that I cleaned out was the towel area. This cupboard drives me crazy because it is way too deep. If I put my towels all the way to the back of those shelves I would never be able to reach them. It originally was a horrible closet. The carpenter who did our house showed the space to the cabinet maker, but they never discussed how to do it. The carpenter but in three shelves, but the cabinet maker made a front for it with two doors. For at least three years, I nearly lost my mind every time I tried to get something out of it. I finally took out the shelves then crawled into it and repositioned the little ledges and put in one shelf at the same level that the cabinet door opens. It still is not the best, but I now use the back of the shelf area to store some of my Christmas collections. So, the sorting included arranging a few boxes of Christmas items in the back, taking out the old worn out towels and sending them to the other bathroom for storage until I can deal with deciding to toss or cut for rags, restacking the good towels into piles of bath, hair and hand towels. I also left some storage for the extra TP so it doesn’t have to go into the area below the sink and risk getting wet if the sink leaks. Hurrah!! Now if I only had a master list, I could cross off 5 things!!

Roger by her heater vent.

Roger by her heater vent.

Sophia sleeping by the window

Sophia sleeping by the window

I do have a couple of pictures to share. In the morning before I got started Sophia and Roger were in the kitchen with me and as I was having breakfast they were taking a break. Sophia was sleeping on the blanket that Paulina left for her on the dining room table looking to the north. She is quite happy that I finally put that Advent tree away and packed up the toy trains. Roger on the other hand was sitting tight against the heater vent under the sink. It is one of her favorite places to sit. After I took that picture I noticed how dirty the floor was so I ended up sweeping the kitchen a couple of times. Yikes, embarrassing to see that in a photo. It seems that the more we bake and cook around here the worse it gets. So, what have you sorted lately??

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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