Moving the last child, again!

The room with a view.

A room with a view. Ha, ha!!

This past weekend we were in Jamestown to move Paulina from her room at Jessica’s place to a dorm room. As all things work out, I think this will be for the best. Considering the extent of the winter with all the snow and ice and cold, the big bonus will be walking to class instead of driving. It is also a win for Jessica because it will give her time to consider how and when to start getting ready for those two little ones coming this spring. Their items will take up enough space to fill both of those rooms upstairs so not really sure where Jessica and Tony are supposed to fit in the future. They have been thinking of cribs and dressers and changing tables and car seats and baby holders (strollers–bouncy chairs–walker type things) and in the meantime no one has even considered at least not out loud all the toys that will show up because of these twins. I suspect Raja will want to take her little toy area and hide it in a corner of the basement or the garage so they can’t touch any of them.

The view from the doorway

The view from the doorway

For Paulina dorm life means a smaller space, but she is in the end going to enjoy the change of how she is now part of the campus. Something she has not experienced since transferring to U of J. I am a serious advocate of campus life. I moved off as a senior, and it was an interesting experience for one year, but lonely in the end. That last semester when I was student teaching in town, I should have come back and stayed on campus for the convenience. Water under the bridge and not the topic, so back to the moving.

The closet before unpacking

The closet before unpacking

Paulina and I went up on Friday and threw, literally, stuff into boxes and bags and suitcases. I laughed because it was one of those hasty moves, not the type I like to join in where you carefully pack for where you will unload. Since this was all going into the same little space it really did not matter. It was so great that Tony and Jessica came to help with the unloading. James and Paulina and I had filled the cars which was the easy part, seriously. The hard part was getting the two heavy items (small fridge and little plastic bathroom carrier) up three flights of stairs. Yes, she is living on the third floor in a small, private room looking north out at the throwing area. That is probably the best part of her room is she goes down the steps and across the parking lot to practice, that is after the snow melts sometime in July according to our best estimates. Sadly school is out in early May. Hmmmm now I am not sure how that was a benefit. At any rate, the room no longer looks like the pictures in terms of where everything is placed. She spent Saturday after we left and some time on Sunday getting things in place and working out the kinks on Monday. Hopefully this works for everyone. She stopped at Jessica’s place yesterday and said she was greeted rather happily by Raja. I suppose the dog is wondering where the afternoon napping buddy went. HA! Enjoy your January days, we might be wishing for some of the coolness come July, but I am not banking on it.

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  1. Rhonda Sittig
    Jan 10, 2017 @ 22:41:47

    Hi Lucinda– Aren’t we always taking care of our kids no matter how grown they are?? I lived at home during college and always wanted our 4 to get to live at school. I really enjoyed their college days (second hand)– so agree with you on that!! take care… xo

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