Jan. 3 recovering from another snowstorm

James shoveling

James shoveling

The storm yesterday was not as bad as previous ones, but it did snow most of the day and into the night. Most schools were two hours late today and some were called off, James and Kathy were just in the 2 hours late category. Tonight the weather report noted that Bismarck, ND has over 53 inches of snow this winter season, which is on track to break the record set in 1997. However that assumes it keeps snowing at this pace. I remember that was the winter we would be off school in Montpelier usually 2 days at a time and sometimes 3. I learned the back roads so I could avoid the long hill with the curve. It was awful. We had lots of ice that year too. The picture above is what I woke to the third time after I dozed off twice this morning.

I finally got to work and finished the bulletin and wrote the newsletter for January. After talking to the secretary I made some calls to cancel Bible study for tomorrow. I am not sure how or when we will get the ice off the front of the church. We may have to hold church for those who can attend which might not be many.

Enough for now, take care and stay warm! Our current temperature is -11 with a windchill of -31. As Siri says, brrrrr!

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