Jan. 2: More snow….getting old

Can't see the hill today!!

Can’t see the hill today!!

Well, old story–new day, we have more snow. Yipee!! A couple of days ago we could see a group of sled riders going down the big hill across the creek and to the south of us. For some reason, years ago that hill received the name, “Beer Can Hill.” I cannot tell you who or why or how the name came to be, and when I was in high school there was even a debate about which hill actually was given the name. Now we just look at this one as having the name. Youngsters are able to walk up it fairly easily then slide down stopping well before you hit the bank of Spring Creek, which is at the eastern edge of our town. The picture to the left was taken out my south window. The hill is just a bit right of center, and you cannot see it because on taking it through the window and the amount of snow we are currently receiving. So nice that we are able to have more snow. This is a great example of being careful of what you wish for. We were beginning to get a bit dry in our area, and so a heavy snowfall amount this winter was just what we need for the pastures and the cropland… Enough said. I would have gladly gone out on the balcony to take this shot, and it would have been much clearer, however since the ice storm, my screen door to the balcony is frozen shut and until someone gets up there and knocks the ice off going out there is not an option without wrecking the door. So, in case of a fire, we would get out, it is just that we don’t feel it is imperative to wreck the door at this time.

Rose Parade picture.

Rose Parade picture.

This morning we spent the early part of the day watching the Rose Parade. This is our first year with the bigger, nicer TV and so we watched on that though I was not a real fan of the announcing in the beginning. Next year we might opt for a channel with commercial breaks if this one is the same. Not saying any names, you figure it out. I had the camera ready all day to snap a shot if there was a float or band from either North or South Dakota, but no such luck this year. Instead I took this picture to the right of the UPS float. It was the giraffe that caught all of our attention. Paulina mentioned that she had the pleasure of having a giraffe eat from her hand at the Minot Zoo this summer when she went to the North Dakota State Fair with my sister, Kathy. Wow! I never knew that story before. I bet the grandchildren would enjoy that opportunity. We always talk and plan to go there, even writing it on the calendar, but something always keeps us home. I am guessing it is the heat in August. I am much better with the cold than with the horrible heat of summer. I suppose it stems from that bought with heat stroke when I was a few years younger.

Roger on my lap during the parade. She is now sitting like that beside the heater vent.

Roger on my lap during the parade. She is now sitting like that beside the heater vent.

Good grief I just peeked outside and the snow keeps getting heavier. We are under a winter weather advisory again. Go figure it is Monday. It seems all of our worst storms this winter have hit on a Monday. I wonder if there will be a delay in school starts tomorrow and how long it will take for them to make that call. Currently everyone is still off on the holiday break as Jan. 2 is the travel day when the 1st is not a Friday or Saturday. That means no one is working in terms of clearing parking lots or that sort of right around the school business. As for the roads, sometimes the plows are right out and others it seems they wait until closer to the end of the snow fall. Of course when one sits in their house at the outside edge of town, it is often difficult to see what is happening on the main drag. So, this is all for now, stay warm and safe!!

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