Jan. 1, 2017: Happy New Year–Just Live!

I have been debating today if I should write a reflection on 2016 or a projection about plans for 2017. In the end, I have opted for neither. I read through some of the posts of those I follow, and as I liked them and seriously enjoyed reading them, I have come to understand (thanks to handmadebyJo of Ft. Pelham Farm) that we can’t do much either way about what has happened or what will happen, so I have decided to live in the moment and reflect on what is happening around me now. In fact, I believe that will be my New Year’s resolution: To live in the moment. I so often am fretting about what has or has not happened, or moping around over some nostalgic thing that is gone forever, or worst of all wringing my hands about what might or might not ever be. Good grief time to be done and just live. Perhaps I will change that resolution to: Just Live in 2017!

Sophia and Roger bored!

Sophia and Roger bored!

So with all of that in mind, here is what happened at my place this morning. The cats are going crazy. They are so bored by being kept in the house all the time that they are starting to go off on each other. We are never quite sure if it is fighting or playing, but it sometimes needs intervention. This little escapade was fairly harmless. Sophia was sitting on the chair that James provided for her to look out the door. In the past there was no outside door and they were able to look straight out the window. I think that since the outside door was bent in the wind last summer (and now leaks wind and water), we will have to replace it soon, and then it will be with one that has glass all the way down like the inside one. This is rather crazy to look at the hardware on the “screen” door when we paid the extra to have the large window inside. As Sophia was looking outside, she was moving her tail in a “come and get me” sort of suggestion. Of course Roger took her up on the plan and attacked the tail. The picture I missed was them swatting paws between the lower part of the openings on the chair back.

With no church service today due to the ice in front of the building, we really have not accomplished much. I am thinking that this will have to be my last day of “relaxing” for this vacation time. I need to start attacking this house let alone some of the paper work that is piling up. There are church reports to get to, a January newsletter to write, Christmas cards to respond to and thank you notes to send. And that is without any mention of those darned taxes that need to be organized. UGGGHHHHHH!!!!

Paulina talked about starting to pack to go back to school. There are reports of more snow down the course of this week. We really need to watch it carefully and send her back when it is a good day no matter how early that might be. I think we should send the plastic with her to take to the recycling center, but we are thinking of going up to help her move from Jessica’s place to the dorm, only because the little fridge won’t really fit in her can and we want to bring back the desk that she had at Jessica’s. It will be nice for Jess to have the room to begin thinking of how they will arrange for those twins coming in May.

Well, off for now. Take care and have a great first day of the year 2017!!

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