Dec. 31: Happy New Year

View of the church with the ice from the road.

View of the ice at church. James heading to the side door.

The pond touching the street. After the city maintenance person put sand on, it started to thaw, great now when you step on it, you sink down in 4 inches of water.

The pond .

Side door is on the right and the elevator is on the left, don't think we are going in this way.

Left is elevator door, right is the side-door.

No church again tomorrow. It is getting a bit old in that department, but there is not much we can do about it. There is an actual skating pond on the concrete leading to the church. After the city maintenance person put sand on, it started to thaw, great now when you step on it, you sink down in 4 inches of water.  Yesterday James and I went to check it out and try our hand (his mostly) at getting it open, but we only opened a small circle and that was in the middle of it all with no access to it unless you were willing to chance skating to it. We have a very elderly congregation and even if one of the youngest among us goes down, it won’t be a good thing. Paulina is our very youngest member, and I sure don’t want her falling and messing up her chances at throwing this January.

The bricks beside the steps were all covered with an inch of ice not just on top, but along the sides, like they had been wrapped in ice. The carpet going up the steps had an inch or two of ice on them. I wouldn’t let James chop on them or put de-icer on in case it would damage the carpet. The door at the top of the steps was frozen shut. Several people found the doors to their machine sheds frozen to the concrete and one man told me he chopped for 45 minutes to get his pay-loader out of the shed to clear the yard. Another woman said her husband is having trouble moving any snow because it is all frozen solid. With cold air forecast for the coming week, things don’t look hopeful. One woman said May until we thaw, the other thought July. HAHA!!

So, another Sunday off and hopefully we can spend some time this week working on opening up the walk ways for the following Sunday. I am starting to think that I am really behind in terms of knowing what I am doing anymore.

Puzzle of Capitol in D.C.

Puzzle of Capitol in D.C.

After spending a good part of the early afternoon on the phone discussing and making and calling to let others know, the rest of today was a bit of a wash. I wrote out one long over due Christmas card and worked on the puzzle a little. We really just need to take that apart and put it away. I don’t see us getting it finished too easily and it is really taking up time that could be spent in a better way.

Calendars to write on the birthdays and anniversaries for the family

Calendars to write on the birthdays and anniversaries for the family

In terms of clean out or organizing, I sorted all the Christmas letters and tossed what we will not be keeping, and I took all the envelopes and updated the address book, then I was able to toss those too. Next project is the family calendars. I didn’t buy any this year. I picked them up at the bank and James got two where we have our oil changed. I think one of my resolutions this year will be to keep track of those sort of things in terms of how much did we save by doing that. I also intend to keep track of the garden that way. What do I spend and what do I save.

If I keep track of all the spending I do on potting soil, seeds and fertilizers and such then note the price in the grocery store at the time of picking and canning, I will know what the spending or saving is to have home-grown or home-canned verses store bought. It might make the blog posts more interesting, and should help me see the reason for doing it besides just knowing where and how my food was grown.

I also want to do that with the items that I knit, sew, crochet or any of the other things we make. It sure would be nice to finish off a few items and get them out of here. I was able to use my stash of dish cloths this year at Christmas. We gave each of James’ siblings (family gifts only) one of those cloths and a little half-pint of pepper jelly. I made those a couple of years ago and they didn’t gel like I wanted, so this year we took 11 jars dumped them into the kettle and reboiled them and added new pectin, and they turned out great. Spread on top of cream cheese on a cracker and they were great. It was a big hit at the big family Christmas gathering. I have enough left in the basement to do another batch. I should also do that with some of the plum juice that is there, we are almost out of plum jelly and that would be good to have the next trip out to see Jaxon.

Well that is all for now. I have included a few pictures of the front of the church so you can see the ice we are dealing with in our area. It is no wonder the power lines sagged and the poles snapped off. The ice on the metal hand railing at church was so thick that James had to use a hammer to knock it off. Just so you get what it is like around here, James had a phone call today from his good friend who is the janitor of the new school in Lincoln, ND. Arlan finally finished clearing off all the snow so they can get into the building on Tuesday, and there is snow predicted for Sunday night. Happy Holidays! The joke seems to be on us this year.

To all of you….HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. daniellajoe
    Jan 08, 2017 @ 14:27:23

    Happy New Year 2017!!! Wishing you and yours only the best 🎉🎊🌺

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  2. christinelaennec
    Jan 01, 2017 @ 07:06:36

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year. I hope 2017 brings you all joy, good health and blessings. Quite right not to take chances on that treacherous ice!

    Liked by 2 people


  3. Rebecca Carroll
    Dec 31, 2016 @ 18:37:36

    I don’t envy you the snow and ice but enjoyed reading about it!☃️

    Liked by 2 people


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