Dec. 28: Full day of power

The generator

Steve’s generator that got us through.

So this morning I should have headed to Eureka to the church office to do up the bulletin and the January newsletter, but Eureka was still without power this morning, so no point in going there. Two of the members had taken charge of the building keeping the water running in all the faucets until the power would come back on. It was the best that the plumbers could recommend for any of the places where a generator was not an option. Later she called to tell me it was recommended that we turn off the water and drain the pipes until such time as we are sure the power will stay on. At this time there is power, but they are not sure that it will be on permanently because the place the power comes from is still a little iffy.

Ice on the trees

Ice on the trees

It felt so good to brew a pot of coffee and come upstairs to soak in a tub of water. My hair was also quite grateful for a scrubbing. We even got into the day by cleaning up a bit and putting things away then baking and cooking. Paulina made four loaves of bread and I baked a pan of lasagna and a pan of brownies and some beans and carrots for supper. It was a nice supper

The picture to the right is of some trees behind the dike. They are full of ice in this shot taken yesterday morning. Most of the trees had ice all over them, and so did the power lines and the poles which is what caused all the problems.

Just trying to show off the sparkle type of snow it became after the blowing.

Just trying to show off the sparkle type of snow it became after the blowing.

My youngest sister tonight said that the state was declared an emergency at this time and the town needs to gather information about all the work that has been done to keep everyone safe. She and James are on the city board and they are having their little year end meeting about the final finances of 2016 in the morning and since it isn’t on the agenda, they cannot discuss it then, but they can make sure to add it to the regular meeting for January. Hopefully they get a plan put together for the future because it sounds like this won’t be the last storm of the year, though hopefully it turns out to have been the worst.

My bedroom window that looks to the south.

My bedroom window that looks to the south.

This evening at supper, we heard that a couple of towns are still off including one where our brother has a house and a lodge for his hunters. Hopefully they are on by now or early tomorrow at the latest. Fortunately it is not super cold during the days. We opened the curtains wherever we could and that sure makes a difference in a house. The south window at our place really lets the light in and today the sun was shining super hot so it really warmed things up pretty well. I didn’t check the temperatures, but some said the straight heat of the sun was around 80 degrees.

Good grief what is the noise outside? I guess it starts again. It is 11:50 p.m. and now starts the chasing. Someone in this town thinks our road is a race track. It is really annoying!! One of the things about being without power is that the town was super quiet. The nights were eerie. We were at Adie and Steve’s for most of the day on Monday and when we left to go home it was still early, but already dark. The town was dark all over and so quiet, no one was driving around or out and about. We got home to the heat on with the generator that Steve had loaned us, and we had one light that worked. I grabbed a few candles for the upstairs and it was basically off to bed for all of us. I don’t know where I would have been either night without the cats. They are still snuggling in tight tonight. Well enough of this all for now. Catch you tomorrow!!

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