Dec. 24. Foggy morning

Just after sunrise on Dec. 23, 2016

Just after sunrise on Dec. 23, 2016

The picture to the side is actually from yesterday morning. I couldn’t believe how foggy it was when I first looked out the window. It also took a long time for the fog to burn off. In fact when we drove down town to get the mail and go to the bank, I was really surprised that it was still foggy at 1o a.m.

Paulina and I had a super full day, so I tried to get up a little early to get going. I had planned that we were going to make cut out cookies to put in the goodie bags that we were going to give out after the service. As it turned out Paulina said we should use the pineapple upside down cupcakes that she made yesterday, but there were not quite enough so she made 2 double batches of banana bread and we cut and wrapped some of the slices for in the goodie bags. The bags included a few peanuts, a cutie, some chocolates and a couple of little candy canes. It wasn’t much, but just the idea that it was something to remind them of growing up in the church.

It was good that Paulina came up with those other plans of what to put in the bags. I worked all day to get the counter cleared to roll out the cookies and never really did. I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped some more. I didn’t know that we had that many gifts let alone that many to still wrap. Ironically, I ended up wrapping my own. Ha! I still have two to do, but we won’t be seeing that group for a few days, so I have some time. Maybe Paulina and I will get at the cookies.

Sophia and Roger snuggled in my bed when we got home from church.

Sophia and Roger snuggled in my bed when we got home from church.

For now, I think it might be time to crawl a little deeper into the bed between these two crazy cats. They are both curled tight into balls of fur at this time, and Roger is also tight against me. It actually feels pretty good tonight. My fingers and legs have been aching lots today. I think it is related to some change in air pressure in connection to that winter weather thing headed our way. Hopefully it will all go away after it hits. That is the thing with arthritis, it sure lets you know when the weather is changing. and my ankle that was broken is the worst.

OK enough. Merry Christmas to you all.

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