Advent Dec. 21 Winter is officially here

No pictures to share for today, and technically I am posting this a day late. It is 12:05 a.m. on Dec. 22 as I write this. I spent from 7 p.m. after supper until now finishing up that funeral message for tomorrow. I wanted to stay this evening and visit with the family. It always makes it easier to write about someone, but the weather was scaring me. This morning when I headed to Eureka, state highway 10 had ground drifting that made the road seem to move. I figured if I had to drive on that in the dark, I would be in trouble. So, I left town at 4 p.m., just after I finished at the Health Care Center and stopped for a few items at the grocery store. I will post on some of those tomorrow, I promise. Paulina was really busy baking, so that will be a treat to share. On the way home the wind had stopped so the ground drifting was over, but the road was so warm as it drifted that the snow melted on to the road so thick that it began to freeze again. Let’s just say, I am not looking forward to the return drive in the morning. Now add to that, the water heater has quit. The positive part of the quit is that it just quit, it did not rust out the bottom and leak all the water out. We also have boxes of items stored in that room and I cannot imagine the mess if we would have had to mop up water and soggy boxes and ruined toys in the middle of winter. So, I am off to bed, and sleep I hope. More stories and pictures tomorrow. Enjoy your early days of winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern one. TTFN, as Tigger would say!!

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