Advent: Dec. 20 Sunrise 8:20 a.m. (or so my clock said)

Sunrise 12-20-16

Sunrise 12-20-16

As I look around the house anticipating Paulina’s arrival, it occurs to me that when I started this Advent series it was to show off the decorations of the season. I seem to have strayed from that and headed off into a boring drivel of what we have been doing on a day to day basis. I suppose I have done that to prevent myself from ranting about things that I cannot change, which are mostly things of change. I am too old school for this constant technology updating. Today I just wanted to blog a rant about how we “Old Farts” are sick and tired of learning a new phone, new tv remotes, new updates on our computer programs and continual reconfiguring of any apps that we have dared to down load. And then I realized that it might not be all of us, it might just be me. Mostly I was upset last night when I realized that my pictures were not showing up with my posts in the reader of this blog. Later I found that there is a new thing where we are asked to designate our feature picture. Really??? What is the purpose of the wonderful upgrade? I can’t even find the help department anymore since the upgrades, but enough of my fitzing.

So, I enjoyed learning computers in the 1980s when I was in my first years of teaching. I was one of the first to figure out where the on and off switch was and since I was a self taught typist, I became a self taught word processor. I was ahead of the curve on a few things, but did not want to be bothered to learn all of the intricacies of DOS or computer programming language. But I do remember very distinctly learning base two in my 8th grade math class and I thought it was super fun while 99 percent of my classmates thought it was the biggest waste of time in our entire education, little did they know. Hmmm I wonder why I have gone off in this crazy tangent today? I don’t even know, but sometimes things appear on the page and I end up changing my title to fit my writing. Have you ever had to do that????

OK, so for the rant. Before Advent started, and even further back to last year, I have been very sporadic about my postings. When we lived in Linton from 2010 through 2013, I was a blog a day sort of person. I figured out the ins and outs of how to load pictures and resize them and tried different categories and subjects and ventured out in the reader finding other blogs that were interesting and it was a blast. Of course I didn’t have a job and my life, other than feeding my family, walking to get the mail or sitting with the cats, was an occasional stint at the local school in a substitute position. In other words, I had lots of time on my hands. Blogging was like it for me. And, since we had no internet, I had to be very intentional about going to the community library or the school to get on-line. I also spent lots more time interacting with physical books and of course my fabric, sewing, knitting, crocheting and all things related to needles. Life was actually pretty good.

Life was actually pretty good, I need to look at that statement and figure out what was the good of it. If you pick it apart, we lived on less $$$ and that always concerned me. We lived in a smaller place and I so disliked not being able to have a garden, but it was only in the winter that we were really there. In the summer I was back in this house where we are now. We paid rent, so that seemed like money down the drain. But… we never had to worry about replacement costs at that place. My closet and dresser were smaller, so I lived with less clothes. The bathroom had no tub–only a shower, but we managed. The kitchen was a tiny counter top, but I canned just as much as I do here. The kitchen had a television in it, so I could watch while I worked. The couch was that ugly old brown one from my mom’s house, but it was long and actually comfortable when you laid on it. Our couch is a dual recliner set that I am willing to Nate when we are gone. He loves sleeping on it.

I am beginning to see that the issue was smaller, less clutter and more things at my finger tips instead of stored here and there and not just hard to reach, but hard to remember where it is stashed. I think perhaps I had better get back on the sort and clean track. We have lived in this house since 2000, and actually finally finished off certain parts of it in the spring of 2001 just before the town’s big Centennial celebration. We still do not have curtains on most of the windows and the basement bathroom is only a room with pipes and holes in the concrete floor for where the fixtures should be. The porch, though usable in the spring, summer and fall, is snow filled in the winter and without windows or even screens, we are giving up 300 square feet of room just on one level.

Sorry to be rambling on with all of this, but maybe if I put this on “paper” or the latest technology upgrade, and I take the time to proof read my spelling and comma errors, though the spelling-grammar checker catches most of that, I might just figure out what it is that I want. The bottom line is that I am anticipating a Christmas Season without the entire family together for whatever reasons. In many ways this is wonderful because (frankly I don’t have the tongue biting energy for some conversations) I don’t have to take the time to sweep up dust bunnies or change bedding or even uncover beds loaded with boxes of junk. I am a bit stressed about the season, though, because of the line up of services that I need to lead, and then my husband comes home and tells me that we may be hit with more snow and storms and so any planning I do will be in vain, and so we wonder what about all the family driving and flying to parts far away? Will they be stranded or hurt or ????

Some of the “happiness” books talk about doing things and having experiences that bring you JOY. Well here we are in Advent and like I said in one of my past messages, the Joy Candle is my favorite, but I am not feeling much Joy this year. How do we, how do I get there,again? If you look at the other candles the one before Joy is Peace. It is hard to read any news article world-wide or in our country or even in the area close to us without seeing the lack of peace. Perhaps the first place we need to find peace is in our own lives and mostly in our souls, and I am working on that. Love is the candle that we didn’t get to light in church this week because we cancelled services due to the extreme cold. “Cold keeps Love Candle unlit.” Great headline, right? Well the only one of the four I have not mentioned is Hope. “Hope is a thing with feathers” according to poet Emily Dickinson, and in many ways she is right. It seems to flight in and out like the little song birds. Can’t wait to see them again in the spring. Perhaps I need to dig out the bird seed and sunflower heads and put them on display outside one of my windows.

I see from the word count that I have rambled on far too long today. I doubt that anyone will have read all the way to the end here and that is ok. I am the one who needs to read this post and figure out what will bring me joy. Actually it is already starting to grab me a bit. In the meantime, I am heading to the local community center to help with the Mobile Food Pantry. Perhaps that is my answer, reaching out to others in need is always the best way to feel joy in our own soul. Sharing, doing for others is all of the things that those Advent Candles represent, and then of course doing those things is following the words and the examples of Christ. It is when we help others that we are helping him. Don’t forget to do that today.

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  1. Rhonda Sittig
    Dec 21, 2016 @ 00:57:49

    Hi Lucinda– working at the food bank sounds like a great way to find a little more joy! This season can be a difficult one– things get crazy and family relationships can be a strain. My biggest joy is looking for God’s tender mercies in the quieter moments o Christmas. A sweet talk with a grand-girl or beauty out the window. It’s what we have. Hope you have a very blessed Christmas ahead Lucinda. xo



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