Advent: Dec. 16…. Not much accomplished

The view from the garage to the east.

The view from the garage to the east. It is not the same as from my office, but this shows better how it is piling up.

Wow! Since Wednesday night when we collectively decided not to hold services on Sunday morning, I have been on a mental hiatus. I have accomplished a few things physically and even considered a few things mentally, but mostly I have been proverbially, “out to lunch.” I sit in my office at my home and look out the window at the snow and more snow and wind picking up and actually would just prefer to go to bed. I think I need some light therapy, or maybe just a good kick in the butt. I have a list of things to do both for church and for home and even for “before Christmas.” I want to write that not much is getting accomplished, but I have been doing some of them just not as many as I should and for sure not as many as I would like to do.

View to the west, this was the morning glory area last summer.

View to the west, this was the morning glory area last summer.

Yesterday afternoon, James and I headed to Bismarck to do the last of our big shopping for Christmas. This morning it hit me why I wanted to stop at some of the places we skipped. I have already refigured some of those issues, so it is all good. In truth since our middle daughter, Victoria, started on her little rant of not going over the edge with her spending, I have been a bit more careful with what I am purchasing and so there will be a little downsizing on the opening this year. It is also always harder for me to figure out what I gave when some of the items were purchased earlier in the year. I did that again this year, and so I have not had to do as much shopping now, which really ends up making me feel sort of like a Scrooge.

The sad fact is I actually get more out of giving those extra gifts to those who are not close family members. You know the paper boy, the post carrier, the building super kind of gifts. I don’t have any of those actual things in my life, but you might understand better from those examples. Hmmm, I am just now remembering the garbage person. I will have to watch for them next Friday and leave something. I am thinking maybe a plate of goodies… I also believe we have three this year instead of one… Might have to call my youngest sister on that one, she always knows best how to handle that stuff.

Hats that need strings to tie them....

Hats that need strings to tie them….

I also am not stressing myself out with all the hand made items as I have done in the past. I am still making things, I am just not so sure they will be wrapped and given out as gifts. If someone sees something they like, I may just say, hey take this, but I won’t be forcing anyone to have things they are not interesting in having. Currently I need to put a finish on a few hats. I tried on the ones in my stash today just to see if there are any that fit adults. I was surprised how many I could wear now that I have had my mop of hair cut back. The first week of November, I stopped at Lindsey’s place in Jamestown and had her give me a cut. It was the third time she has cut my hair to donate it and the 5th time I have donated. I just wish there had been such a thing when I was young. The two hats on the side still need me to put some strings on the flaps. I am so excited that I finally figured out flaps. I might even have to make one for myself now that I know they fit. The pink thing at the edge of the picture is what is currently on my needles. I am hoping that when Jessica and Tony come, I will have the time and Alysse will have the patience to learn knitting. She has always shown an interest, but I have never asked if she really wants to learn. I have a brand new pair of knitting needles and some yarn if she is interested. If not we could always crochet or even do the plastic craft stuff. I promise that it will all be available just in case.

And if not, last night while we were shopping, I picked up lots of items to do some baking. We even got some molasses so we could make gingerbread cookies and decorate them. Jessica said something about wanting to make lasagna. I will have the pans ready. We could even work on a cheesecake in my new spring-form pan which I have yet to use. Oh never mind, Jess doesn’t like cheesecake. Maybe some mini Bundt cakes with the cinnamon-zucchini cake recipe. Those would be great with whipped cream or cream cheese frosting…. The bottom line is we will be using the little pans for a change. I have decided we either start using what is in the cupboard or we clear it out. Part of the de-cluttering challenge for the end of this year and the beginning of the next. I am starting to think that is why I have felt I didn’t do anything the past two days, instead of clearing out, we have been dragging more into the house. OK, but today was garbage day, so that should count, right??

Enough of my rambling, it is time to make some supper and do some real work today. Stay warm!!

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