Advent: Dec. 15…. Dec message for the local paper

Today I will share the message that I wrote last week for “our” local newspaper. I suppose I should be subscribing to it since I work in that town, but I have not gotten that far yet. It is sort of like I never purchased many t-shirts or coats or anything in the places where I taught for fear that would jinx the longevity of my contract and I would be left with all these reminders of a place I had left. Come to think of it there is only one t-shirt of my days in Jud and that was a very tiny one that Jessica wore. I have several of Montpelier, but I was there the longest. At any rate, here is the write up….

So, I added some of my Christmas Village scenes to the post below just so it is a bit more interesting. If only the real buses would be as easy to move around as these little toy ones. I always loved playing with my little doll house as a child, and I think having these as an adult sort of fills that part of me that still wants to play with those. Now if I only had a place to put them and keep them up all year….. Hmmmm

Stranded in the Snow Storm

Christmas Village School and bus

Christmas Village School and bus

Last night I sent a text message to my daughters and my sisters that said, “The only thing better than driving into your own garage is sleeping in your own bed.” As you might have guessed, I was caught overnight in the snowstorm last Monday. Though I stayed with friends, actually a couple of former students, who were very welcoming and gracious, there is nothing like being at home. My husband is a teacher in Linton, and I often substitute there or farther north in Hazelton. On Monday, I happened to have been in Hazelton to fill in for the special education teacher, a spot I very much enjoy. Throughout the day, I could see the snow setting in and finally about 1:30 information was leaked that the superintendent had called for the buses, and we would be leaving when they arrived. As it turned out some of the students made it home on the bus and some needed to be returned to town to stay at their “storm homes.” The important thing was that everyone was safe and sound. I think I was probably the only one of the adults who needed to go to Linton that didn’t make the trip south, but I was not taking any chances when I couldn’t see out of my windshield.

Shoppers near the Christmas Village gazebo.

Shoppers near the Christmas Village gazebo.

Finally on Tuesday afternoon when the snow had stopped falling and the sun was shining, I decided to chance the drive to Linton. Turning onto US Highway 83 and seeing the ground drifting was a bit scary, but I also knew from past experience that as long as it wasn’t snowing, there would be spots of drifting and also spots that were clear. I also knew that I was not alone in the car, and that I could trust God to be with me in all things. Isaiah 41:13 “For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, ‘Do not fear, I will help you.’ NRSV” It may have taken a bit longer than normal to drive the 15 miles from Hazelton to Linton, but after I successfully made the distance and picked up my husband, I felt more confident and even kept driving myself rather than turn over the wheel to him. Although I don’t think I will be venturing out into any other scary weather this winter. This event reminded me of two important lessons, the first being to respect the weather in our area, and the more important lesson being that we need to have faith in God to see us through even in the most everyday circumstances. Take care and stay warm this winter!!

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