Advent: Dec. 14, 2016 Cold outside….

Largest elevator at sunset

Largest elevator at sunset

Brrrr is it cold today, and yet it is warmer than we are expecting in the next few days. By Saturday night/Sunday morning it is supposed to really be a nipper. We, as in me with a few of the church members and officers, have been throwing around the idea of not holding services on Sunday. We had an abbreviated attendance last Sunday because of the snow cover. This week the wind chill is supposed to be far below 0 degrees F, which is already well below freezing. I am thinking it would be really dangerous for some of our elderly members to be outside. Two weeks ago a woman from Linton was found dead in her driveway. Authorities noted that it probably had something to do with her shoveling snow.

James attended the funeral of a young man, 48, (understand that young is a relative term and that is young to us) this morning. He was outside doing chores and did not come in at the time he was expected. When someone went to find him. he was in the snow on the ground and reviving wasn’t really an option. and then the snow plow had to work for a time to clear the road for any help to arrive. Not saying that had he collapsed in the summer outside of a hospital it would have helped, we will never know. James is now starting to wonder about retiring in a place that is warmer and closer to a hospital. I guess I will just go with the idea that when it is my time, I will be gone. Yikes!!

Old elevator at sunset

Old elevator at sunset

In the meantime, I went to the office today, but it is so cold there that I could not really concentrate.  (The thermometer did show 68 degrees F, so really should not have been such a big deal, it was just that I didn’t have a couch or my blanket.) Also as soon as I had it in my head that we will call services off for this week, I grabbed all the items I needed and was out the door. I am glad that I left when I did because there is lots of ground drifting on the roads. The roads are clear and all is good when the road is high enough or where there is cover in the fields, but where there is nothing to hold the loose snow, it is awful. I can’t imagine what it will be to try to drive tonight. There will be pillow drifts and the road will look like it is moving. That is when it takes lots of experience and concentration to stay on the road and especially in the correct lane. No thank you I will stay put tonight.

I am thinking a good supper, a warm cup of tea or cider a blanket over me and the remote on my lap with the television tuned into Survivor. Of course I have a few things to clear up before then. I would like to get the Christmas cards addressed and sent and maybe something written to put inside them. Oh the fun of that…. I also need to get the bulletin planned for next week when we have Lessons and Carols in church and then there is the Christmas Eve service and the service at the Health Care Center, and I need to call a few people….. Ok, I will stop making my to do list on the blog. I included the two pictures of the elevators in town to show off the snow and give you an idea of the winter wonderland around here. Both these pictures were taken through my south window. It distorts the quality, but for one I can’t get the door open to step outside to take them there, and two it gives you an idea of my view. How you all stay warm!!

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