Advent: Dec. 13 more time in school

I braved it to go back to Hazelton today. The roads are much better and though it is really cold outside, getting here was easy. I suspect the issue on the trip home will be the sunshine or at least I hope that is the main problem. Ha!

Coming this morning was really pretty because the full moon was setting in the west just off to the left as we were driving north. I don’t usually think of the moon as setting, but that is what it was doing today. At one point there was a cloud trailing across it and I wish that we had a camera and some time to grab a picture, but as pretty as it was to us, I knew there was no way to capture it without some elaborate equipment or fancy settings.

The classes are pretty easy today because they are all working on a character analysis and are busy writing and some are typing them onto the laptops.

Poster found on the wall in schoo.

Poster found on the wall in school.

I am not sure if this is part of a class assignment or something done by the administration or a student organization, but I noticed some homemade posters hanging here and there around school. I have shared one off to the left that I think is pretty interesting. When you really stop to think about those words, it makes lots of sense. We all get so caught up in what we cannot have, what does not work out that we fail to see what is available for us. It is sort of like those cheesy romance stories and movies where they are always looking for the perfect spouse and the right one is with them the whole time.

Since I am working from my iPad and the correcting is driving me a bit crazy I will close this down and check in later. I am thinking today it will be easier to read than to post. This has actually been fun because I have been digging into some of the tags I like and finding lots of interesting blogs to read and even a few new ones to follow. I have to admit that I purged the list of who I follow and dropped some who have not posted in a year. I am always saddened by that because it seems they are just gone and you never know where or why and it feels sort of like losing a friend.

Well take care to all of you, stay warm and Happy Blogging!!

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  1. Tiffany
    Dec 14, 2016 @ 00:38:02

    Great quote and great post! It is sad when blogs just abruptly stop being updated, I know what you mean.



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