Advent: Dec. 9, Bird watching…cat napping

I need to stop getting up so early. I have been waking way before 6 a.m. then staying awake in bed until James is about to leave for school, then I get up to make coffee and get to whatever the day will bring. It would be fine if I just woke when he did and got up, but it is that 4:30 a.m. wake up and watch television until he gets up that is starting to wipe he out. It was also so cold in my room last night and this morning I thought I would freeze. I guess that is why heater vents are supposed to be open in the winter. I also wonder if maybe the east door of the garage might not have been open last night. I kept hearing something and that might have been the culprit. We have the floor/ceiling between the garage and our room well insulated, but I am guessing that after 16 plus years, it is not the same as when it was first put in. Anyway you know it is cold when the floor is uncomfortable to walk on in stocking feet. I can’t imagine being outside overnight in this weather, but ….

Two Blue Jays all puffed up trying to stay warm

Two Blue Jays all puffed up trying to stay warm

So the title today mentions bird watching. I am so tired that the only thing I have accomplished other than a few loads of laundry and putting away a little junk is watching the Blue Jays have at the sunflower seed pod that I laid on the trailer before the first of our two snow storms hit. They were all over it today. I tried to get better pictures of them, but the only thing I could manage was through the kitchen window, and there I was juggling for a clean spot. I also think they noticed movement because they would grab a bit and take off right away. They are the easiest to spook of all the birds in our yard. I think some cat got one last summer, so it is good they are on the look out.

Looking for food at the base of the stalks.

The stand of sunflower stalks. The Blue Jay is in this picture someplace.

Sneaking up to the food.

Sneaking up to the food.

Last fall, I took plenty of pictures of them hanging out in the sunflower stand in the garden. This morning one did hop into the garden and dug around for food at the base of the flowers. We talked about cleaning out the stalks prior to the snow storms hitting, but there was still some seeds in them, and we agreed that we would leave all of it as cover for the birds and what they can eat is all good with us.

Roger sleeping on the freshly washed bedding, that will teach me to leave them there.

Roger sleeping on the freshly washed bedding, that will teach me to leave it there right out of the dryer.

Well, I do have more paper work to complete and I could do more in terms of clearing out some of the clutter. I was hoping that James and I would spend some time cleaning the fridge and the pantry tonight, but maybe that would be a better job for tomorrow morning. I think my time will be better served at the sewing machine today. Anytime we have as much sun as there is coming in the south window today, I should take advantage. The lighting at any other time stinks in that room, and this would give me the chance to really see what I am doing. On the other hand, a nap sounds really fine, and the sunshine means the room is nice and warm and …. I am drifting away already. I guess I will work on the clutter tomorrow, for now I will enjoy the day relaxing and maybe Roger will be interested in a nap, too. Well you can see from the picture to the right what I found when I went to check up on that crazy cat. Take care and stay warm and fed.!!

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  1. stitchinggrandma
    Dec 10, 2016 @ 05:56:37

    I am an early bird, but not that early. I find it too cold in my house before 6 am, because the heat is at a lower temp during the “sleeping hours. Hubby used to say the kitchen was the warmest spot in the house. Since the arrival of cats in our family 4 years ago, the kitchen is the coldest. We have an unheated utility porch that I must leave the door “propped” open for the cats. Food and litter are out there, and my computer in the kitchen is 3 feet from that open door, so brrrrr. With the wild behavior in the morning, they race thru the downstairs and in and out of the utility room. A few cases of head banging happen if I pull the door too tightly closed. As dawn is finally breaking near 7 am, I am hoping for the sun to warm that room somewhat!Bundle up tightly!

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    • lucindalines
      Dec 10, 2016 @ 13:28:46

      Oh my sounds like fun with the cats, even if it is colder. We have our litter box in the basement, but keep talking about redoing the area into a family room, not sure where the cats would end up then.

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