Advent: Dec. 7, Another snow day and more cleaning

So, today was another snow day for the students and teachers in my husband’s school. It is crazy! James said he didn’t think they were off more than one or two days ever in his 14 years there and now they have had 4 days in two weeks. I guess having a different, younger, superintendent probably makes a difference. This superintendent has young children and thinks more about how being on the road or in a bus heading to school will affect the children. The former supt. thought that he could brave anything and so could the rest of the world. It really is not worth the risk of life.

Tonight it is really cold in the little room where I work, I suppose it would be a good idea to open the heater vent, but I keep it closed because it is so close to the house plants I have here. Mostly it is cold here because the wind is from the northwest tonight and really blowing. It isn’t snowing, but the wind is doing a number on what is already on the ground, and we just got a call that school is two hours late again tomorrow. At this rate they will be finishing just in time for James to start summer school. Ha!! Maybe for a change the track athletes will still be in class before the regional, which would sure make practice time a whole lot easier to schedule.

Cookie tins on the cupboard!

Cookie tins on the cupboard!

Anyway because we were both home today, we did get a few more things cleaned up and organized around the house. I spent the morning working on the church bulletin and things like that, but James took it upon himself to clear everything off the top of the cupboards. I have wanted to do that for sometime, but just never got to it. He actually started the project by fixing the trim molding that was ripped off the front by some woman who tried to hang on to it when she was getting the roaster off the top of the cupboard earlier last fall. It is now all fixed, the items are off the top, the top is dusted and washed, and I put the Christmas cookie tins back up as a decoration for the season. Of course those will stay indefinitely.

The whole thing started a domino effect of rearranging and changing where things were. It reminds me of that Bert and Ernie story of why the goldfish were in the hat instead of the goldfish bowl. I used to love reading that book to Jess and Vic as much as they enjoyed hearing it, or at least they made me think they liked it. Come to think of it, I wonder where that book is. Anyway, the item that caused some moving was the Pampered Chef pizza pan. I worked until I got that in the stand-up cupboard with the cookie sheets. Next I moved the lap tray out of that area and put all the trays on top of the fridge, which meant the pan for the grill had to go out to the grill. Next the big drawer opened up because the trays were out, so I was able to fill that with the weird sized cake pans (teddy bear, van, turkey and smaller bears) the bread loaf pans and the new spring form pans. I stuck the fire pit sticks back into that drawer, but was able to put all the cookie cutters into the area that was opened up by moving the cake pans. It is great, but the most fun is going to be watching everyone go crazy trying to find things again. I don’t think I have kept things in the same place more than two months at a time in my kitchen. This arranging is always a work in progress for me.

Well enough for now, I really need to finish that article for the newspaper. Hopefully we will get even more things accomplished tomorrow. Jess just called and said there is no travel on US Highway 83 and it sounds like the I-94 might be shutting down again. Good grief and there is more snow on the way this weekend. We went from beautiful fall to dead of winter basically overnight. Oh the fun of living in the northern plains!! Take care and stay warm!!

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  1. donna213
    Dec 08, 2016 @ 04:32:17

    As fun as it is when Christmas comes, the house always needs a good cleaning and rearranging. Usually, when I have all the decorations up, I don’t want to take them down come January.

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