Advent: Nov. 30 Snow Day #2

James is home from school again today. I am still in the debating process of should I go or should I stay. The area South Dakota schools are all listed at 2 hours or so late, while those north of the border are closed because of high winds and drifting. Granted it is a bit worse there than here, but seriously we are only 7 miles from the border so the line is blurry sometimes especially in terms of weather and such.

I should be headed to church, but there is no Bible Study, no ministerial meeting, no visitation scheduled and I am wondering if it is really necessary to show up in person if I could send it on the email. I may just give the secretary a call and see what the roads are like there. We should hop in the car and try to drive south out of town a bit and see what we think. James said he would venture along with me, but what would that gain me. I would likely have more privacy working here at home. There only the office is heated and when I am writing, it is sort of distracting to have someone hanging around.

Advent tree and train with Roger looking on.

Advent tree and train with Roger looking on.

So, the decision was made to stay home and head over tomorrow if I feel the need. James went downtown to get the mail and stop at the store then drove out of town to the south to check the roads. He recommended staying home as the roads are not well cleared yet and could drift in if the wind picks up anymore than it is. I was easily convinced to stay put. Besides as long as the both of us are home, we decided to do a little more cleaning, organizing and putting up the decorations. I did my part by finishing off the table with the Advent tree and the little train set. This is from way back in the days of the Disney film on Anastasia, the Russian princess, or so they thought. It was something I bought at Hardees and I suppose could be one of those toy collector’s pieces, but for me it is just precious because I always wanted a train set when I was young. This is my version of it, and I like it. So does Roger as you can see from the picture how she is watching it.

I also took the singing Snoopy house out of its box. I bought it last week from some collector who never took it out of the box, yes I know I ruined the value, but sorry, I am not keeping the thing in the box forever, I am using it. That was something little Ana taught me last year when she took my witch out of its box for the first time in like 20 years. Toys are for playing not for collecting.

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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