Advent: Nov. 28 Snow hits

We have been so fortunate this year to have had a delay in the onset of winter weather. Well, the day of reckoning has finally come. Last night it rained most of the night, and today we have been hit with a very wet and heavy snow. This is almost more like the snow that we get in April or the end of March, and from my last peek outside it looks to be setting in for at least a few more hours. The weather on the radio at this time says into Tuesday and Wednesday with the heaviest being today. Bismarck and Mandan are reporting about 6-7 inches of snow so far. I wonder what we have here. From the looks on the deck and the porch we must have about 3-4 inches so far. It would be more interesting to see what the moisture content is. We sure are in need of the moisture and if it warms up at all in the next week it will be great for the trees.

Decorating the trees outside.

Decorating the trees outside.

I was going to show you some pictures of the decorating that James did outside on Saturday with Paulina’s help, but I may postpone the most of those pictures for a few days. I will give you some comparisons from that day to today. The tree that Paulina and James are standing beside is the largest in the row, and really is starting to look nice. I took the picture from the upper deck, and if Paulina stands at 5’10” and the ladder is maybe 12′ I am thinking that the tree is at least 20′ by now. img_8576This looks like one of those geometry problems that can drive me through the roof, check out the shadows of the tree and the ladder. I can see the problem as saying, “if the circumference of the tree trunk is 6 inches and the photo was taken at 12: noon, what is the height of the ladder standing beside it. And for a bonus, how many gallons of propane does the tank in the background hold. The chances of solving any of them are always zero for me. Ha!! As you can see from the picture to the right, the tree is now covered in snow. Perhaps we could add another piece to the problem and ask for the weight of the snow on the branches and how many watts or volts of electricity are flowing through the lines going to the tree.

Blow up decorations

Blow up decorations, Santa is supposed to come out of the chimney, but always gets stuck.

Just want to leave you with a couple more pictures of the front yard. We have succumbed to the blow up Christmas decorations. Paulina bought us a Snoopy last year at the end of the season, and I picked up the other two at an auction sale last summer. We are having some trouble with the auction sale items. James figured out that a couple of the stakes were broken off and that is why they don’t sit quite right and thus are not able to go up and down the way they are supposed to. They were really nice on Saturday night, but on Sunday when the wind picked up, we realized that there is something about the way Snoopy is tied down that needs fixing. James ended up taking him out of the area for now.

Inflatables are covered with snow.

Inflatables are covered with snow.

We will put it back when this storm is over and reinforce it a little better. The second picture is of the snow at noon today and all you can see of the two older models is a little bit sticking out of the snow. For now we will leave the lights off so they don’t blow up and get blown around in the winds that are starting to pick up. James rode to school with my sister Kathy today and their plans are to head home right after with no delays to be able to drive in the light as much as possible. Predictions are that the wind will be intense tonight, so it is anyone’s guess what the roads and closings will be like tomorrow. I would say that back in the day, school in Montpelier would be called off for tomorrow by now. Those were the days. I could use a snow day with James hanging around the house and us finishing clearing out the decorating clutter. Then on the other hand, we might just get in each other’s hair and on each other’s nerves. We shall see. For now, stay warm and safe!!

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