Canning is over, Hurrah!!

Last of the applesauce

Last of the applesauce

No one can imagine how happy I am this year to be able to say with assurance that the canning season is over for us. The picture you see is of applesauce made from apples given to us by Jessica. I used several of them to make some dehydrated chips and the rest were put into a batch of sauce that I will bring to Thanksgiving with some whipped cream. Yes, we will eat this sauce warmed with whipped cream on it, and it will taste better than pie or any other dessert.

Apple chips

Apple chips

There is a little more canning work that I should do, but am not sure if I will. We have some jars of pepper jelly from 2015 that did not gel as they should have, and I might at some point dump them into a pot and boil them into oblivion and add some pectin, but I won’t count on it and I won’t count it as canning. The fact of the matter is I have finished peeling items to be canned and that is enough for me.

The final batch was the apples that were given to Jessica and after the election, she was not too interested in figuring out what to do with them. She had them at her headquarters for a bit, but not many were eaten up while we were working there, mostly it was cookies and pizza and those things that people were devouring. Election evening was a solemn time, and that was not because of the national results, but was mostly because of the local and state wide ones. Jessica was ousted from here seat as were all the leaders of her party.

Sadly, and I will say it here as only a mother can, the only woman from Jamestown going to the capital in Bismarck is the girlfriend of the newly elected governor. He beat out two challengers in the general election and two challengers in his primary. One of those primary challengers was a man who had dedicated his life to public service and is someone with high standards and morals. I don’t know enough about the governor elect to say that he does or does not have a degree of moral standards. I only know that he is a big business owner, and I am rather suspicious of that class of people. It all remains to be seen. The joke on the big leaders in power is that the new guy campaigned on the idea of term limits. Good luck getting that past the geriatrics in power, yet on the other hand, I hope he does, it would do them well to be ousted by a renegade in their own party. In fact I rather would like to see that bill pass with retroactive implications.

I really did not start this post with the idea of mentioning the election, but I guess it has been festering and since it came out, I will leave it there. As you can see from my lack of presence in the past few weeks, I have been unable to comment on anything for a long time. I had a struggle to put together a message for Sunday morning last week, and ended up straying from my script quiet a bit. I took the tape home so that I could listen to it and get an accurate script of what I said. I still want to post it, but because I have to write two messages for tomorrow, I have not had the time to sit and listen to the old one. Mostly I didn’t want the words from that one to re-filter into the new one.

For now I will leave you, hopefully with thoughts of your own. No need to comment on what I have said either good or bad. I understand we all have our own feelings about how this all turned out and is continuing to shake out. If it isn’t an interesting next 8 years or 4 years or 2 years, it will at the least be an interesting 6 weeks. My mind keeps wandering to the vision of the last page of George Orwell’s Animal Farm and also the words of Marie Antoinette when she was told of the poor peasant’s need for bread and she said, “Let them eat cake.” I guess I will just stick to applesauce.

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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