Projects on the needles

T-shirt rug

T-shirt rug

Since we finally installed the new television in my bedroom/sitting room/craft room I have been unable to stand being in almost any other room of the house. I have been glued to the TV because I have been watching the Cedar Cove series that I was so excited about it when it was on, but now it has stopped and so at least I can watch the old stuff. Anyway, as I am sitting, I don’t just sit, I have been knitting or crocheting as the whim hits me. I now have a stack of the cotton knit dish cloths (love them because they don’t get that ugly sour smell so fast), and have gotten a bit further on the crocheted t-shit rug.

The rug that is shown to the left so far has been made entirely from the cut off sleeves of Paulina’s sports t-shirts. When she was in volleyball, she always ripped the sleeves off the shirts she wore to practice because they bothered her. I never let her throw them away, and now I have gotten a good start on this rug. I have a bit more to go in the ball of t-shirt yarn that I made, but when that is gone, we will decide together if she wants me to make it any larger. I have just been going around in an oval (well as best I can) using a single crochet stitch. The dark grey middle section was a bit tentative and I put it under the sewing machine needle and reinforced it a bit with a wide zigzag stitch and that seems to be good. I am thinking that I will put some sort of backing on the rug when it is finished to prevent it from slipping, but something cloth so that it is washable. I will keep the updates coming as I am able to work on this. Somehow the bulk of some of this yarn is hard on my wrists, so I don’t do this very often.

Cotton knit dishcloths

Cotton knit dish cloths

The dish clothes are a much easier project for me and I find myself working on these much more often. I am able to use shorter needles and by making them a tish smaller than most, I can finish them up in one sitting (three shows) if I stay at it. The pattern I use is pretty simple. With a size 9 needle I cast on three. Row 1 is knit one (garter stitch all the way) then yarn over for an increase and knit the next two. The whole first part of the pattern is knit 1, YO, knit to the end of the row. Do this until you have 40 stitches. Now the decrease starts. Knit 2 together, YO, Knit 2 together, knit to the end of the row. Do this until you get to 3 stitches then cast off. I have found because of the way I pull and such this can turn out to be a rhombus instead of a neat square. I have compensated on a few by doing an extra knit 2 together once or twice near the end of the decreasing work, and I put that decrease in at the 4th and 3rd stitches from the end of the row and never two rows in a row. Hope this makes sense. If anyone has any better ideas for me about why my pattern isn’t coming out to the perfect square as I see in the pattern books and on the websites, give me a hint. I could use all of the hints you have. Ha!

So happy knitting and crocheting to all of you!!

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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