Sunflowers and reflections

Sunflower in the flower garden

Sunflower in the flower garden

Though my hands have been busy the past few days, the mind has been in reflection mode. I took a little time yesterday to sit and absorb the flowers in the yard. This sunflower in particular has me enamored. It is just so pretty.

The vegetable garden is really near the end of producing and with the cool weather we have been having, not too much is going to grow anymore anyway. We are about to pull the tomato plants which is earlier than usual, but fine with me. We have plenty of canned goods, and frankly, I am getting tired of doing the work of preserving this year. I think it is because I have done so much of it alone the past two years. It was different when I had help. Maybe if James retires, we can do more because we will be doing it together.

Cosmos and zinnias and weeds

Cosmos and zinnias and weeds

The part of the garden that is really pretty now is the fall flowers. The cosmos are starting to fill in to the point that I could hide in them if I needed to. In fact the cats of the neighborhood have figured out they can do just that. I don’t appreciate that they have laid down a few plants with their antics, but if it saves them from becoming prey for the large predatory birds in the area, I am ok with it. The picture to the right gives you an idea of what I see from my kitchen window. It almost makes doing dishes a peaceful experience. I should have had someone stand in it for me, so you would get a better idea of the height.

Vegetable soup made last night.

Vegetable soup made last night.

I was thinking of adding a few more flower pictures to this post, but I think that I will save them for down the road. Enough of this for now. In the title it also said reflections, and I have been working on some thoughts this morning. It is all part of the canning I did yesterday. I thought it would be one canner kettle full. Ha Ha! I ended up with 7 quarts (4 juice and 3 whole) and 3 1/2 more pints of whole tomatoes. I ended up running two canner kettles to process them, but now it is over. Whatever we have on the table will just have to be put on salads or in BLT’s. I had one of those for lunch today with the leftover vegetable soup that I made last night. Oh yes, and some banana bread with cream cheese frosting… I should walk to the mail to get rid of some of these calories, but I am thinking I will go with the thing I pinned recently that says something about knitting off the calories. I think I will go work on the next beanie with flaps as my way of working off all that I just ate, that and pondering the message for Sunday. I keep hoping that is another way to feel the burn of using calories. Ha!!

Anyway, I am currently working on a log of what is left to finish off this fall. I started with an inventory of the cellar and a list of what is left in the kitchen to preserve. Yikes, I think there is plenty already. Perhaps it is time to evacuate rather than preserve in whatever the manner, though I could use more apple items. With frost predicted for Tuesday, I could be working on that soon. What have you been up to recently???


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