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Cucumbers picked today

Cucumbers picked today

So yesterday between watching Track and Field, women’s volleyball, diving and other events including the unfolding drama of the four crazy swimmers in Rio, I was able to clean the fridge and pick a little produce in the garden. I almost skipped over the cucumbers because the last time I looked there really didn’t seem to be any worth checking on. Apparently this set of plants is much better at hiding the produce than what we have had in the past. I don’t understand it since we only ever plant the “straight 8” variety. What you see here is inside my sink as they are drying out from a good washing. The largest one is slightly larger than 8 inches, to say the least. It must be around 18 inches. I am thinking of slicing it down the middle, scooping out the seeds, filling it with a layer of ranch dressing then dropping in cherry tomatoes. It could turn out to be an interesting salad. I will share if I get it completed tomorrow. Some of the others shown here will make great cucumber salad, but there is probably only one or two that are small enough to have been included in a horticulture display for 4-H. Almost all of them are way too large. I will have to be more diligent in picking the rest of the week. In my defense the garden has been pretty muddy, and I am tired of washing my shoes. Today, I stepped into a couple of plastic shopping bags and tied them around my ankles. Sort of dangerous because I kept stepping on the right foot’s bag with my left foot, and twice I nearly landed between the beans and the zinnias. That would not have been a pretty sight.

Beans ready to be blanched

Beans ready to be blanched

As for the beans, I picked about six to eight plants worth and ended up with over 6 quarts, as you see here cleaned it made a very large baking bowl full. I have them in the fridge overnight to be blanched in the morning along with two other batches from Saturday. I hate cleaning beans, but when we had them fried in butter for supper, it is all worth the effort. And for anyone looking for healthier eating, this is as good as it gets at my house. We had watermelon for dessert so it should be all good. HA!

I am pleased with how the tomatoes are ripening. Each day we are able to bring more and more into the house, (Today I had the basket so full I couldn’t carry it by the handle, but had to hold the bottom.) which means all the less I will be picking on the night before the first horrible frost. It seems every year, we are scrambling to get all the tomatoes off the plants in one evening before the major frost comes in. Perhaps that is the major reason not to put in 50 plants. I need to pick up some lids in order to get serious about doing any preserving.

I see the clock has gone past midnight, so the report is no longer of today, but of yesterday. Hard to sleep when there is so much to watch. I do need to get so sleep tonight. I have to take Sophia to the vet tomorrow for a recheck. She is no on medication for hyperthyroidism and they found something in her last blood work that may need addressing. I don’t know what it is, but hopefully we will all know after the check tomorrow. Well, this is it for now. I have more garden stories over on lucindagardens if you care to check it out. Take care and enjoy the end of the games, if you are so inclined.

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  1. Glenda Zimmerman
    Aug 19, 2016 @ 19:04:09

    The cucumbers here are all so waxy. Not nice like yours. Your beans just make my mouth water. Thank the Good Lord for his bountiful goodness.



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