Happy #2 Ana!!

Ana with her kitty cake

Ana with her kitty cake

Last Friday, August 5, our little Ana was 2 years old. Nate and Vic and the kids came on Thursday night, so we had all day Friday to hang out. We played outside, made a supper of grilled items and garden goods, and indulged in some cake. Victoria made a layer cake and decorated it to look like a kitty, which really made Ana smile.

Digging in to supper.

Digging in to supper.

She opened her gifts before supper and afterwards we tried to watch the Rio Olympic opening ceremonies. Let’s just say it was a good thing we had it recorded on DVR as it took a long time to get through it. It was also a positive that the USA was not listed under U near the end of the English alphabet, but much closer to the front with the Portuguese alphabet. As soon as our contingent entered the stadium, we all called it a night and went to sleep. We wanted to rise fairly early to head for Aberdeen and some fun family time. Well, we were up early, but it was to hear David letting us know he did not like his bed. Anyway, here are a few pictures of the events.

Opening presents as Jaxon and Mama watch.

Opening presents as Jaxon and Mama watch.

She only opened the gifts from us and it was all clothing. Jaxon was wondering where the toys were, but Ana was all ok with clothing. She even wore the little night-gown that Paulina picked out for her.

Little Mermaid watch

Little Mermaid watch

I didn’t get a picture of the night-gown, but earlier in the day, I took one of the Little Mermaid watch that Victoria pulled out of the box of her old things and put on Ana. She loved it!

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