Celebrating 60

James with his cake

James with his cake

Yesterday was James’ 60th birthday, but those of you who saw that post already know this fact. For nearly a year, we pondered how we would surprise him with a large party and lots of family and have a real celebration. As the day drew closer, we realized that was not going to happen. His big day was a Wednesday, so would we do it a weekend earlier, a weekend later, and how would it all work? We never did the figuring, I never did the figuring. I began to think of all the reasons not to put together such an elaborate gathering at our home, the most of which would be to get it past him and the other part would be to get it all accomplished. Of course we could have planned a trip, but for me to take a weekend off becomes a chore and lots of advanced planning. Then as we contacted the daughters to find out their schedules, we hit the solution. Last night on James’ birthday, the Democrats of North Dakota’s District 12 and their friends from District 29 gathered in Jamestown for their annual Steak Supper fundraiser. It was great. When Jessica showed up, she was carrying a Vikings cake for her father to wish him a Happy 60th.

Me, Heidi, Birthday Boy--James

Me, Heidi, Birthday Boy–James

At the event we visited with a few people we knew and soon found our old boss from the North Dakota Children and Adolescent Center School at the State Hospital to be there with his wife who was the Director of the Buffalo Valley Special Education Unit in Jamestown and James’ boss while he worked for the Jamestown School System. They sat and visited with us throughout supper and it was great. Harley actually lived in Mound City for his grade school years and was asking many questions about the area and what still remained. In the meantime, he added quite a bit to our knowledge of the history of the area. He talked about how his father did welding during WWII and made his own acetylene to do that. I didn’t understand the process, but found the concept fascinating. Anyway, the meal was followed by speeches from many of the candidates including our own Jessica, but not before the keynote. Senator Heidi Heitkamp was on hand to give us all a great pep talk going into this next election. At the end of her speech she led us all in singing “Happy Birthday” to James. This was Jessica’s big gift to her father. I am guessing not too many people will be able to match that one.

Jess at the sale.

Jess at the sale.

One of the statements made by the party chairperson, Scott, continues to bother me. He was talking about a church service in which the clergy person was urging the congregation to support “Christians” when they voted. He noted that the tone of the urging was pretty obvious what it meant to be a “Christian.” Much of what was discussed at that particular political rally was about changing things to help those who were unable to help themselves. There was lots of discussion about why corporations and big companies were receiving tax breaks while senior care facilities, children with disabilities and drug treatment centers all had their funding cut. Hard to understand some of it. The night ended with a fund-raiser auction of items that a few had donated. Wish I had figured out what to bring. Jessica donned a cap and held up items to help the cause. She is such a nut that way. Hmmm wonder where that ever came from?

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  1. christinelaennec
    Aug 14, 2016 @ 12:04:43

    Excellent! Well done to all of you for managing such a great surprise celebration.

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  2. jesshaak
    Aug 09, 2016 @ 11:06:03

    Thanks for coming! It was so fun to have you there :).

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