Peaceful Pond

Pond through the flowers

Pond through the flowers

A couple of days ago on my lucindagardens site, I posted a picture of the morning glories reaching the top of the strings that I had put in place for them this year. I had meant to include this picture of the pond and the view from those morning glories to the rest of the front yard, but it never happened. I was so busy telling the story of the invasive squirrel that I didn’t bother. I think there may have been something about a golf cart and some young children too, not sure. It was the same day, I noticed an older looking pickup drive past with two youngsters sitting on the back. Someone was stopped for that recently. I am guessing if the deputy would have seen this vehicle and the youngsters not just sitting in the box on the back, but standing on the back bumper holding on to the tail gate, there might have been a citation issues. I don’t understand some people, and fortunately, I have no idea who it was so I can’t open my mouth any wider than it is at this time.

I come from that generation who berates the young parents for being over protective. We have passed around the funny paper/email about how we climbed on monkey-bars and fell off without getting concussions. It includes lots more of those sort of things, but of course I can’t find the paper or remember any of them now.

What I do remember is that there were lots of goofy accidents while I was a child. Ones that peopleĀ didn’t necessarily survive, or come out of without a few scars. Case in point the little girl who somehow got pulled into the power take off of the tractor on the hay-field and her mother walked the field and picked up her limbs, or the little girl who was run over by her father with a tractor. The last one lived long enough to get to the hospital, but not to be saved. Another child, a boy, was run over by a tractor in a plowed field and fortunately because the ground was soft he survived. And somehow I have a memory of people riding in the back of a pick up while out gopher hunting and someone sitting on the back was shot when they hit a bump. I don’t remember the outcome of that. Or the father whose pelvis was shattered when riding inside the pickup and the gun went off during hunting season. Then there was the hunter who was shot when exiting the car because the hunter exiting the other side was over zealous about getting the bird first and shot across the car roof. And there was the little girl who died from an appendicitis because her parents thought it was a bad case of the flu and in those days you didn’t run to the doctor for everything. It sure changed after that for mine.

I don’t know why I am bringing up all this gloom and doom tonight except that I just can’t stand the idea of adults being this foolish with their children, with the children of our community. I know they think nothing like that can happen to them. I know they think nothing like that has ever happened here. This is a classic case of “if you don’t know your history, you are destined to repeat it,” or something like that. Common sense tells you that you need to be more careful. I taught with a young man a few years back, who would shake his head when he heard about someone doing something that was beyond the edge of risk taking. He always told us that if he ever did something that crazy and ended up dying, we were not to attend his funeral. He said not to mourn him if he was that (using his words) stupid. He called his concept Natural Selection. Yikes, those are harsh words. What I tell myself and my family is that children are precious, and mostly that you cannot make them again.

I guess perhaps tonight I am missing my grandchildren, and maybe even the early years with my own children. And I just want to put a shout out to all of you who don’t always stop to think about the consequences of your actions, stay safe, some body might miss you if something would happen. There are enough crazy weird things that happen in life, don’t borrow trouble. I wish for everyone to be as safe and peaceful as those swans sitting on the edge of my pond. Happy End of July!!

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  1. christinelaennec
    Aug 14, 2016 @ 11:32:27

    That is a beautiful pond and the cosmos are just gorgeous! I agree with you about how little some parents seem to value their children. Here in Scotland, I don’t see so much evidence of physical risk-taking such as what you describe, but other kinds of risk-taking (and there are SO many risks in the world nowadays) that parents turn a blind eye to. One of my daughter’s 16-year-old classmates was regularly left at home for an entire week while her parents went on holiday. You can imagine the parties – and the danger. Very selfish, and very sad. End of my rant!!

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