Bird watching: Woodpecker?

IMG_8494I finally caught this bird on camera. I have been trying for a while. A few days ago I tried to sneak up from the side of the house and all I was able to snap was a blur of feathers. Today I blatantly opened the back door and it did not move. Wow! I am thinking it is a woodpecker, but I don’t know my birds all that well, and am sort of wondering why it would be hoping around in the backyard. I hear one or a few in the old dying trees behind the dike in our area, but am not sure if this is one of them. A few years ago when we had a dying elm in the yard, there was one here constantly. After we took the tree down we found it was filled with ants that appeared to be carpenter ants. IMG_8491My brother found a colony of them in my mother’s house when he did some work there. He took to them pretty harshly and hopefully they were eradicated in the area. I particularly like this second picture of the little bird as its face looks so very curious. Perhaps it is time to get Paulina a better lens with a more powerful zoom. Hope you enjoyed your day, whatever you were doing.

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