Jaxon time

Jaxon showing off what he picked

Jaxon showing off what he picked

Since I dedicated the day to Ana yesterday, today I will share a few pictures of Jaxon. The first picture I am showing is of him displaying what we picked in the garden yesterday. He was quite proud of that. I was a bit nervous about little hands grabbing at plants that are not so sturdy, but he held onto the peppers as I cut the stems, and we were good to go.

Jaxon washing the cucumbers with Ana

Jaxon washing the cucumbers with Ana

He actually was better at getting the cherry tomatoes than I ever will be. I tried and of course I ended up with extras because me hands are too big for the openings in the branches. Those tomatoes are thick with fruit, and his hands are the perfect size for reaching in and grabbing just the ripe ones. I also am having problems with the bifocals vs. distance lenses to find the cucumbers. We ended up with 5 of those before we were finished looking. Ana in the meantime was digging in the dirt, so some cleaning needed when we got into the house. As you can see from the little thumbnail picture, she was more than happy to help Jaxon wash up the produce. Wash is one of her favorite words. She seems to enjoy the feel of the “sh” sound on her tongue. But enough of her, this is the Jaxon post.

Jaxon reading with Paulina

Jaxon reading with Paulina

This morning he did a little reading with Paulina. I dug out an old “Dick and Jane” book that I bought at a school auction sale many years ago. I was thinking that I have three copies, but I am not sure it is of this version. At this point he is able to read many of the basic words and only needs help with the names and a few others. Paulina was amazed at how he recognized some of the longer words in the text. Yesterday he and James worked in a sticker book on some counting and math sort of things. He loves to do math problems, and last year in kindergarten his teacher had to go to the first and second grade teachers to get math papers that would work for him and a couple of other boys because they were so bored with the work that was at their level. Now if he just gets after the reading in the same way. Perhaps now that he has his glasses it will start being a bit easier, though I think they are more for far away at this point. Hmmmm sounds real familiar. I still have trouble with far away and even with bifocals, I am getting to the point where reading, at least at the computer distance is easier without glasses. But remember this is the Jaxon post. Ha!! Well, just wanted to share this bit of fun with Jaxon. There is more about the garden on the lucindagardens site. For now take care and stay cool!!

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  1. christinelaennec
    Jul 24, 2016 @ 11:01:50

    Lovely photos, and so good to read about children who are interested in reading, math and gardening!

    Liked by 1 person


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