Ana Antics

Playing with Jessica's shopping cart on Thursday.

Playing with Jessica’s shopping cart on Thursday.

Before we head outside today, I will finally post a few pictures of the grandchildren in action. Yesterday was way TOO hot to even think about outside activities so we did a few things inside. I will have other pictures with a Jaxon page, but for now I have three snap shots of Ana that are worth sharing.

This first one is Thursday morning. She really is good about picking out a toy and playing without needing adults all over her. She is also saying words that we can understand, besides all of the other “stories” she tells that we sometimes are clueless about. The reason I say stories is sometimes she talks about a mile a minute and we can’t catch everything that comes out. Some of her favorite that we have noticed are: stop, catch, watch, pants and I do myself. At the pool on Tuesday she was playing with some “fish.”


At the counter on Wednesday.

At the counter on Wednesday.

Mostly she is a good eater. She uses her own fork and spoon and often wants to be in on choosing them. James is having a bit of a time with her independence, and I gave him a bit of a what-for yesterday about trying to conquer that. Independent, strong women is what my family does the best job of raising, and I for one and glad to see it moving into the next generation. Reminder without the women, the German-Russian men who came to this frontier would have had a much more difficult time in surviving. So enough of the lecture for today.

Eating supper on Tuesday

Eating supper on Tuesday

I will leave you with this picture of Ana having some lasagna one of her two helpings, which in hindsight maybe should have been cut back a bit as it gave her a little indigestion. Of course her mother told us that the blueberries we fed her on Monday might have been the big problem. I guess next time we get an official list of what can be eaten and what cannot. This morning she was back in action eating waffles and eggs for breakfast. Currently she is busy putting on shoes so we can go outside to hang the towels on the line. We were dancing to the songs on my phone, but grandpa called to say they had moved up the times for summer school to end because of the heat, and so he will be home earlier. Maybe we can manage another day at the pool, believe me I could use a bit of a cooling off. Well this is all for now. Hope you all are able to stay cool.

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  1. christinelaennec
    Jul 24, 2016 @ 11:05:03

    What a grand girl! Yes, independence in my opinion (especially in girls) is something to be cherished and negotiated with. Your accounts of your grandkids’ visit reminds me so much of the fun I always had visiting my grandparents. Good for you. Cool and rainy here!

    Liked by 1 person


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