Grandchildren visit

So, James and Paulina had this great plan on Sunday before church that we need to go to Dickinson and pick up the grandchildren for the week. Now I was having fits earlier this summer that we should be doing that, and as I left the car to go inside, I was all in favor. What we did not stop to think through was how prepared we were. Some things to ask include: Is there a place for them to sleep comfortably and safely? Is there kid friendly food in the house? What obligations do you have during the time they are there? What is your back up plan in case of an emergency? Of course none of that was done. We hopped in the car after church and headed up to Dickinson to pick them up. Nate was sort of funny when we got there he said all three or nothing. Well, sorry but David is not able to leave his mother at this time, so maybe down the road in the future.

So far things have been hectic, but they are both so good to have around, and they really have been so cooperative with these old people. I believe we would all have enjoyed the week more had the weather been just a bit cooler. This is one of the hottest weeks we have had in years. Add to that some issues with our little campsite, and its power capabilities and my stress level is pretty much through the roof today. Hopefully the work the power company did today will alleviate the headaches.

Ana styling in her goggles.

Ana styling in her goggles.

We did get to go to the pool yesterday, and I have a few pictures of that outing. This one to the left of Ana was the best of several that I took. When she tried to put those goggles on she kept screaming, “My eyes, my eyes.” It was hilarious. She loved wearing them too. Most kids have a fit and want them off. We also went the evening before and she was shivering and almost purple, but would not get out of the water. I would have loved to take them today, but it was so hot they would have burned up.

Jaxon was scared of going in the water without a life jacket, but with the use of some bubbles and I being right beside him, he was able to get it figured out. He can stand in the 3′ with his head well above water and is able to move around fairly well. He went down the slide and learn to jump from the side, feet first. I have a series of pictures of him going into the water, but it took him jumping in three times for me to get it.

Taking a run

Taking a run



In the water.

In the water.

I will try to put together some posts of other events as the week goes. I am figuring the posts won’t really show up until they have gone back home. It is hard to write and enjoy them at the same time, and the closer it gets to taking them home, the more I realize how much I will miss them.

I do have a few pictures of the garden over on lucindagardens. It has been so hot that watering is not a necessity it is a fact of garden or no garden. In the meantime, the plants are growing almost in front of our eyes.

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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