A fixed roof!! And some misc…

New roof on upper deck

New roof on upper deck

We finally bit the bullet and found someone who could come and fix the wind damage to the upper deck. We were paid by the insurance company a set amount a couple of years ago, and so far we can’t even remember what they gave us, but the tar paper finally wore through at the last rain storm and it dripped onto the porch, so we figured that was our sign. Actually we had the materials ordered, but we were delayed by the rain.

Lower area outside my bedroom.

Lower area outside my bedroom.

I love how it looks and with all the work James put into vacuuming up the shorter deck top, we have a beautiful spot to sit outside on the roof if we feel so inclined. I may just have to figure a couple of chairs to put in the area for that very purpose. They are not quite finished as you might figure from the position of the downspout. They will be putting gutters on next week or soon. Their machine was out of the area, so they were not able to do that yesterday. It might be fortuitous because when the helper was along yesterday, he noted the condition of the steps (seen against the house upside down in the photo to the right) or not steps as I call them. He has a plan to make a set of real steps to go from the lower to the upper area, which will be quite nice. I am actually excited about all of this and hope we will be able to spend some time there in the future. We used to have our swing (now the old swing) in this area, and perhaps if we fix it up perhaps that is a possibility again.

wee cucumber

wee little cucumber

Oh yes, on my other site, I forgot to post the picture of the little cucumber I found today. Well here it is. For more information about the garden, head over to lucindagardens. If we have the sunshine predicted for the coming week, we should start seeing some serious produce. Hopefully it will get in ahead of me watching the Summer Olympics, which is the main reason for the new television shown in yesterday’s post.

James keeps asking where we are going for a vacation, and today I told him I am going to Rio and my hotel room is my couch! Enough for now. Enjoy the outdoors while you can!!

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  1. NikkiM
    Jul 17, 2016 @ 05:35:26

    I’ll join you in Rio! 😉



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