Shopping spree

Just hope the TV in the box fits the shelf and that the one on the shelf fits the area upstairs. HA!!

Just hope the TV in the box fits the shelf and that the one on the shelf fits the area upstairs. HA!!

Paulina and I headed to Bismarck on a quick little, girls only shopping craze today. She was after some better fitted sheets for the bed we swapped from the basement to her room, and I was in search of a bigger television. Here is the thing, I want the TV we currently have in the main living room for the bedroom. It is bigger, has HD and does NOT buzz. I keep hearing an electronic sort of buzzing in our house. Paulina hears it too on occasion, but some are telling me that it is just my ears going bad as I age. If that is the truth why don’t I hear it in the church office or outside. There is something about a couple of our super old electronics that are buzzing and it is going to be replaced. We haven’t unpacked the box with the new television yet. We are probably not going to get to it until Sunday evening if we have the patience. James is heading for the Droog reunion in Bismarck tomorrow with his sister Alvina. I am opting to stay home and work on the Sunday message. Good excuse, besides Paulina has to work, and I just felt James would enjoy it more if I wasn’t hanging beside asking “who is that” every five minutes. The other issue is that on Sunday three of the campers at the campsite are heading south. I will be sad to see them go, as at least one of them was starting to feel like someone I enjoyed knowing. Well, the boss who arranged to come to our campsite passed my phone number on to another crew leader and we will have three campers moving in on Sunday afternoon hopefully after the others pull out. What a deal. Well, that is all for now. My computer is updating and about to restart, so I best finish. Oh yes, for more information on the garden check out my lucindagardens site. See you all later!!

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