Samples from the newly cleaned bookshelf

I am sharing a couple of things today. First I wrote up most of this little article for the newsletter at church this month. In the meantime, I have cleaned out the bookshelf in my home office and have found even more books to dig through and look at and share. Before I begin, I will tell you that the push for me to do this has come from the idea that I have not seriously read anything since we returned from living in that little rental house in Linton. For some reason I have not been able to sit down and read because it feels like I am wasting time. What a strange idea!! I guess for me reading has always been a luxury, and what I do read now is mostly for study and not really for fun. Well, the new plan is to trick myself into thinking that I am reading to study and so, I will complete a chapter a day during my morning devotion time. IMG_8229Hopefully this works, at least for now. So, here are some pictures of what I started reading today (left) and what I was meaning (right) when I wrote the article that appears below.

Church Newsletter for July. Rather than drone on about the weather or the season in this July newsletter message, I have decided to share a couple of little poems and prayers with you. I purchased A Pocket Prayer Book several years ago at a Conference Annual Meeting. I noticed this year there is no such “book store” at these meetings anymore. I guess it is another loss that comes with our advanced technology. All these items are now available via the internet and can be purchased with plastic and delivered to our doors. The whole convenience has actually made me stop purchasing. I find it much easier to look and move on without ever typing in those magic codes from my credit card. I also don’t really trust putting my information out there on a computer device. On the other hand, once my fingers touch a book and open it and smell its pages and look at it closely, it is so much harder to lay it back down. After I have done all of that, I am much more likely to reach for my green cash, but I carry on too much…

IMG_8231The book, on the right, that I am sharing about today was compiled by Ralph Spaulding Cushman and was first printed in 1941 by The Upper Room. I have included that information to give credit where it is due as a good English teacher does, and hopefully I am not committing any copyright infringements, but rather promoting the book, though I am not sure where you find it now.

Here are a couple of resolutions taken from page 24. They came from the diary of Jonathan Edwards a frontier evangelist that one of the founding denominations of the UCC claims as their own. “Resolved: that every man should live to the glory of God. Resolved Second: that whether others do this or not, I will.”

I also found the following poem by Albert W. Palmer on page 25. “All this day I am going to be a child of God. His love is round about me. Underneath are the everlasting arms. I am going to be honest and true in all events of life and I believe that to those who love God all things work together for good. I am going to rise above all worry, fretting, fear and hatred, and live in an atmosphere of spiritual serenity. Behind all that comes, God’s love and wisdom will be present to strengthen and sustain.”

My final comments for today are o’ if we could all just resolve to do each of these each day, what a better world we would live in. At the least we can cause an effect on our part of the world, so that is our challenge for the rest of the month. May you have a blessed rest of July!!

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  1. christinelaennec
    Jul 24, 2016 @ 11:21:55

    So interesting! I especially like the quote from Albert Palmer. I see you have tricked your Martha into being a Mary for a wee while every day!

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