Sisters at the Parade

Haak sisters

Haak sisters at the parade last Saturday

I have wanted to post this picture of our daughters at the parade on Saturday in Jamestown. We were all there to support Jessica and I hope we will be able to return and attend more events for her. Victoria was pushing Ana in the stroller, Paulina had David and Jessica was passing out dog treats as she greeted the people along the parade route. James was walking Raja, we have a picture of that on a post a couple of days ago.

Jaxon peeking over the edge.

Jaxon peeking over the edge.

Jaxon was riding in the pontoon float, and there is this one little picture of him peeking over the top. He seemed to enjoy himself and didn’t complain that he wasn’t walking with the rest of us.

Not much else to mention here. I did post today on lucindagardens about the creature in the garden eating the sunflowers. You may have to stop over there to check it out. For now James and I are off to a Church Board meeting. Hopefully we will get our dates set for when to do some of the quilting work again. For now happy campaigning to the Dems from District 12.

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