Bookshelf desk

Bookshelf as a desk

Bookshelf as a desk

This post is about setting up a bookcase as a desk center. We actually have a desk in the area, but didn’t at the time we put this together. Yesterday we took everything out of all the shelves and readjusted and sorted everything to make it fit better. I would prefer to have the middle and top shelves a bit lower, but the holes were pre-drilled and so we went with what we had.

On the top shelf we each have a shoe box to hold our mail and bills for the month until we have to take the time to write the checks and put things in order. For us the shoe box is the cheap route. A couple of nice baskets would also serve the purpose. In the middle of that shelf we each have a binder. It is basically a three ring binder that we received when we opened our checking accounts. They have dividers for the month and are very handy for keeping the bank statements and any bills or receipts that we will need at income tax time. The trick is keeping these up to date each month or two. I confess I need to clean out that shoe box to fill up the bottom binder. Notice James’ binder is full because he does his monthly.

Bookshelf for my church books.

Bookshelf for my church books.

The second shelf is set for the supplies we need like a paper punch, stapler, calculator, tape, etc… James also has a box of envelops in the corner of his side. I filled the bottom with the photo albums (notice one is upside down, good grief) that I am hoping to finish or fill or sort through so that I can eventually hand them over to the child to whom they belong. I moved these albums out of the bookshelf in my “office” upstairs so that I could put the books I need in the book shelf there. I am really excited to now have better line of sight of what I have available.

I sorted that book shelf today and am pretty please with how that turned out. As I did it, I was able to empty the old metal stand that housed most of the smaller books. That stand was wedged almost literally between the old library table and the printer stand and I almost couldn’t get to the outlet to plug in the lap top. Hopefully the more I get sorted the easier it will be to do some of the tasks around here. Now whatever will I do with all my time. Perhaps read some of the books that I have just fit on the shelf. I may just start with a book I forgot I had, To You We Shall Return: Lessons about Our Planet from the Lakota by Joseph M. Marshall III. I read the first chapter as I was sorting and I can’t wait to sit down and read some more.

Happy De-cluttering to you all!!

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