It’s raining it’s pouring…

More rain this morning.

More rain this morning.

Rain such beautiful rain!! We had storm warnings last night and it did blow and rain and even softly hail for a bit, but the moisture is o’ so wonderful. The picture to the left shows the continued rain late this morning. It rained in spurts last night a couple of times before midnight, more after midnight and again early this morning. I was up after everyone else went to bed sort of watching to see if we would have some of the severe weather that was predicted around us. Victoria called after 10 p.m. to tell us they were fine. I didn’t know what that meant until she said a tornado had touched down in Dickinson about two blocks from where they live. Yikes!! She said it was strange because they were sitting at the table eating and the whistle went off. They went to the basement and sat in the bathroom, putting the little ones into the tub. As she was monitoring social media others in town kept posting that the siren was nothing just a warning to head inside. Now around here sirens are not for heading inside, they are for taking serious shelter. She said an evergreen was uprooted where the tornado touched, but at that time she had not heard of any other major damage. I will have to check with her later today. In the meantime after they went back upstairs and looked outside, not even the toys in the yard had moved at their house. Really strange.

Sophia checking out the weather

Sophia checking out the weather

This morning it rained pretty hard again after Paulina came home from cleaning at the pool. There were swimming lessons going on as she left. It was only a session of level one, so she was not involved. She is the level two teacher. There is still no word if the pool is open or closed today. Now the rain has stopped but the clouds are still hanging out. Hopefully this moisture is a good shot in the arm for the row crops in our area. We noticed a corn crop pretty much drying up north of Linton. I suspect the ground is a little sandy in that area. This morning there were flash flood warning all the way up highway 83. The picture to the right gives you an idea of the clouds left in the area as well as what the rain means to the ground. The grass was all going dormant, and this morning it is slowly coming back to life. I am not sure if that is good or bad, but dormant grass in middle of July might not be so good in terms of survival over the winter. Sophia wanted out so badly, but she wasn’t too excited about going bathroom in the mud. She eventually came back inside and curled up in her bed to take a nap. I also won’t be using the clothes line today. I guess laundry will have to be Tuesday this week. Not much else to say…have a great week!!

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