Windstorm Wednesday

Willow tree torn up

Willow tree torn up

Last night we headed out of town to the women’s softball game in Mobridge. The weather looked a little ominous, but no one called to say the game was off or postponed. When we got to the game site the sky was nearly dark. It isn’t supposed to be dark at 7 p.m. around here in July. The game was scheduled for after 8 p.m. because of a little kid’s game in Bowdle and the mothers wanted to see their children play then make it to their own game. (Poor scheduling on someone’s part, but that is my opinion.) Well, to say the least Karma is sometimes funny when you are on the good side. The team that they played is usually pretty tough, and they struggle to get a win most years. This time, when it should have been called off because of weather (There was even lightning all around the perimeter.) our team won the first game 24-8. It was hilarious!!

The home team was so upset certain members wanted to call off the second game, but they took a vote and ended up playing for 5 innings. By this time we were getting worried that the local Dairy Queen would be closed before it was over, pretty much that is why we spectators came along. So after one inning, we headed over to DQ to grab treats and head back to the game. As we pulled up our team was winning at the start of the final inning. Well as things would go the home team batted and scored enough to go ahead, then our team batted again, but only tied. Now it was extra innings and our team held them, so it was score to win and we were at the bottom of the order. Yikes. Well the first batter got on base, and next Paulina was up. She was struggling all night because of the way the wind was blowing; it was not a lefty batter wind. But the wind was dying, and she finally connected for a triple, which brought the winning run home and the game was over. Pretty fun to watch those!

Basil damage

Basil damage

Anyway when we got home it was dark, so we checked on all the little plants to see if there was any wind damage.  Mostly things were fine except the herbs planted in the containers were not watered yesterday which meant they were fairly light and easy to move around. We found the basil on its side and some of it spilled out. This is what remains of that crop. I have more seed and should really just replant into the area that is gouged out. I have more soil too. Oh yes the picture at the top was what we found when the sun came up this morning. The willow tree took a tough hit, as usual. There is also an old ash tree beside the shop that lost a branch. I guess the chain saw will get a bit of a workout again. I just hope we can reach the problem spot without an accident. We realized how bad the wind was when we saw a sign on one of the stores on Main Street ripped up and the tarps on the pool were pulled out of the water. Glad everything else was ok. How have the storms been in your summer so far??? Hope all is good.

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  1. Adrienne Knoepfle Dupper
    Jul 08, 2016 @ 13:09:27

    I would call her hit a HOMERUN as I told her to go and she would have made it, however the runner ahead of her was the only run we needed….so give her the HR. Ha and you didn’t mention I struck out the Princess!

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