New garden hose post

garden hose post

garden hose post

We have been talking about how to get the hose off the flowers on the north side of the house, and finally the day came that James got it finished up. It was fairly simple. He used the post hole digger to come up with a hole about three feet down. Next he put a six-foot landscaping timber into the spot. He refilled the hole and attached the little metal piece that we purchased at a hardware store to hold the hose. Then to make it match the porch on the top of the house, he topped it off with a decorative piece. Note the picture to the side. We could have put it on the side of the house, but we were not too excited about putting a hole through the siding and opening it up for rust or other problems.

Hose holder on the east steps.

Hose holder on the east steps.

We used this same sort of hose holder last year when we attached one to the side of the steps on the east side of the house. I believe that I posted a small story about that some time ago. Well, as it turns out, I cannot find anything on it, so here is a look at the other version of where we put one of these hose holders.

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  1. Glenda Zimmerman
    Jul 06, 2016 @ 12:41:44

    What a great idea! It’s a real DIY project!

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  2. Kathy
    Jul 02, 2016 @ 12:35:00

    Brilliant idea! Our hose just lies around wrapped in a couple of circles and doesn’t look half as appealing as yours.

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    • lucindalines
      Jul 02, 2016 @ 15:44:37

      I have been nagging for about two or three years to get the hose out of the flower garden in the back, and finally I nagged on the right day. I suppose less nagging might result in more action, but …. Thanks for visiting!!



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