Caught you Mr. Blue Jay

Blue Jay in the tree

Blue Jay in the tree

We have a blue jay in the neighborhood who is always squawking. Others in the family get a little irritated by him, but I just love the sound. I would love the sight a few more times, but he is quite elusive. Last night he was sitting on the end of our east deck railing, but not for long. As soon as he saw me through the window, he was gone. I have tried other times to capture him on film, but no luck. Tonight with the long lens, I was able to get a few shots, though none very close even with the zoom. As you can see by the picture on the evergreen tree, he is a pretty big bird.

Blue Jay on the garden post.

Blue Jay on the garden post.

Now if he is just smart enough to stay away from the area cats, I might have a chance to get more pictures as the summer goes. And hopefully we will be able to hear his squawking long into the fall.

Jamestown, ND where we lived for 14 years has Blue Jays as the school mascot. When we were cleaning out the closet of the computer room on Friday, we found the little hoodie that belonged to Jessica when she was in kindergarten and maybe first grade.

Jessica's Blue Jay hoodie

Jessica’s Blue Jay hoodie

She wasn’t a Blue Jay for very long. We moved her to Montpelier in the third grade. She had two very good teachers in kindergarten and in first and Victoria also had a great kindergarten teacher. The but came for Jessica in second grade. It wasn’t the size of her class it was the attitude of the teacher. All she did at conferences was complain about the size of her room and the lack of time for her students, and I was pretty sure that she had no clue who our child was until she picked up the folder and began to look at her notes. I was always afraid of being that teacher when I had a large group of students in the classroom or on the athletic field. I still work very hard to learn people’s names as quickly as possible, which is actually getting a bit harder the less practice I have. But I will say, I always remember the stories. I can usually tell you something about each one whether it was a student, an athlete, someone in church or now even the campers in our campsite. The trick is you have to care. You have to put an effort into it. If God can count the very hairs on our heads, it really shouldn’t be too much to ask of us to pay attention to those around us and care a little. So enough of my preaching for one post.



Here is the backside of the hoodie. Instead of paying for the professional name on the back, we opted for the homemade version. My poor children were always subjected to that homemade stuff. So sad, no wonder they buy whatever they want now that they are older. Ha!!!

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