Geese by the lake

Geese by the shore.

Geese family by the shore.

I have been wanting to share the article that I wrote at the beginning of June, well since the beginning of June. Here is what I wrote:As I drove into Eureka on Wednesday morning, I was again awed by the sight of the families of geese in the water and on the grass by the lake. Some parents had their little ones in the grass feeding while others were swimming to shore. I was especially moved by the single file sight of two groups with adult geese both leading and following the young ones. What a blessing we are given to live in the area we do; where we are able to see the splendor of creation each day and each season.

More geese

More geese

As much as I enjoy fall and the time of harvest and gathering of the crops whether in the field or from the garden, I find spring to be an equally enjoyable time. It seems that each week there is another species of flower in bloom from the lilacs and the irises to the peonies and daisies and finally the lilies and hostas and on and on through the summer. God reminds us each day of the beauty of the creation, though some of our days have not been without storms. We need to remember that these storms are not in punishment for our actions or lack of faith. Sometimes the storms of life just are, and the important part is what we do as a result of them.

In Romans 4:13 Paul writes, “For the promise that he would inherit the world did not come to Abraham or to his descendants through the law, but through the righteousness of faith.” It is not our works that makes God love us; God loves us because that is what God does and who God is. Our works should be a result of knowing that we are loved by God and because we are drawn to God as a result, we will want to follow the law and do what is right in all parts of our life. Enjoy the spring and the summer, and remember God’s creation was given to us to sustain and enjoy, let’s do that in the best way we can!!

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