Day off and post reunion

I tried to take a day off today. Ha ha ha ha ha!! What a joke that was. I did the laundry, but that shouldn’t really be a factor. It isn’t like you use a tub and washboard. You sort the clothing into the piles that you want and thrown them into the machine to do the work for you. I like to hang things out so that takes a bit of time, but for me that is relaxing. Doing things like laundry and cleaning when I get to it are just so mechanical, so rote that you don’t really have to work. At least that is my attitude with physical labor. As long as my brain doesn’t have to sweat, I don’t call it much to do. I think that is why I enjoy summers and working in the garden so much, there is not all that nerve-wracking thinking involved. And it doesn’t involve counting or considering money, which really makes life easier to boot.

Reunion booklet

Reunion booklet

So, the issue today was the phone. Paulina told me to just turn it off, but that is worse because then you are stuck with calling them back later. Mostly it was calls about the reunion booklets. I talked to one woman at least four times. Good grief, and she was so nice and so helpful, and we got everything going where it needed to, but it was still not a day off. HA! Now tonight there are a couple more to figure out and send off. I counted today and there are only a little more than 30 books on my counter and I think there are orders for at least 5 if not more. I believe that my sister Kathy has some orders for mailing some away. We need to get to them real soon before there aren’t any more.

t-shirts are yellow or black

t-shirts are yellow or black

Last night I spent time with a cousin, Lester. He is helping figure out the death date of the alumni who have passed away. This was my great brainstorm this year. It is interesting to look at that factor. I suppose it is more interesting to someone like me nearly 60 and starting to consider that life does not go on forever. Hopefully there will be someone to carry on the idea of these reunions and to keep up the booklet and such. I know that my sister Adrienne still has quite a few of the t-shirts left that we ordered for this grand event. Perhaps I should not have pushed for us to get so many more of them. Oh well!!!

So, what have you been doing with your summer days. I did post a bit about the garden on the lucindagardens site. I have lots more pictures and will have to sit myself down to do more sharing in the next few days. Nothing too exciting, but I have to say the yard is looking nice this summer. It is pretty much all James can do to keep the lawns mowed. We had decided to cut back on the vegetable garden and actually have most of that in flowers this year. I will try to update information on that as it grows.

As for that reunion and the work put into that. I can say I really enjoyed this one. I didn’t partake of all of the events, but mostly that was my own doing. I can see how we could streamline registration in the future and that would help with trying to be here and there at the same time. I hope we do an exit meeting and put some of those things into writing. All in all we have had a good response to how things went and that is a positive. I just love the registration part where you get to see everyone. I just wish there were a way to spend more time together. It seems that we really take the time to be with family and often miss the classmates and those in classes older and younger. O well, 2021 will be here before we know it. Just so we can keep helping out.

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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