To jump or just look? Hmmm

To jump or not to jump??

To jump or not to jump??

I am wondering what the world this squirrel was thinking about when it ran up this electrical post and started causing a racket. I had noticed movement, but when I heard the noise I grabbed the camera to get a picture of what this silly rodent was doing. I am not sure if it was reacting to a dog or cat in the area or just out to see if it could make the climb. We have had a rather large hawk in the area looking for a good supper, so sitting on the edge of a high post might not be the safest place for a husky looking possible morsel of food.

At any rate, I decided to share these picture with you. I also have a few shots of the lilacs in our yard and at my mother’s place on my lucindagardens site. The lilacs are rather lovely this year.

Another view

Another view

As for the squirrel, when they get out of sorts around here is when I miss Tiger (the cat) in her younger days. She was a yard cleaning cat. There weren’t any squirrels digging in the bird feeder when she was outside, and she didn’t let any male cats leave their scent on the side of the house. She wasn’t quite as feisty when she got older, but she was a force to behold when she was young. I sure miss her this spring, but as cats go, she had a pretty good run making it to about 20 years old. Now if anyone knows what that is equivalent to in people years, I would be interested in knowing. Thanks and happy squirrel hunting! HaHA!!

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